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Last night I wrote about how I’ve been stressed to the max.

One thing that definitely helps ease stress — whether it’s over something life-changing or tiny and tedious — is sticking with a regular routine.

This morning I woke up at my usual time (5:30).

I did my usual ab routine (200 varied crunches).

I watched the news, brushed my teeth and made my bed…as usual.

Then I ran. Which I usually do.

There’s rain in today’s forecast, but it held out for me this morning. Yay!

I ran three miles at a comfortable pace. I would have liked to run more, but I have a hot running date for tomorrow morning and didn’t want to push it too much today. Friday is definitely looking like a running rest day!

That photo above? It was a ship carrying…dirt? I stopped mid-run and stared at it for a while because I was so fascinated. Dirt…floating on a ship in the East River.

NYC is awesome.

After my run I did some foam rolling. It’s such a good hurt and I’m proud of myself for foam rolling almost daily. It’s definitely helped my knees from feeling so achy all the time.

The next step in my usual routine?

Attempting to find something to wear.

Lately I hate everything in my closet. That doesn’t make this usual routine very much fun.

I put together something that should work for today’s 70 degree afternoon. The skirt is springy and floral, but I’m undecided on what to do with the rest of the outfit.


No belt?

I think I like no belt for once.

I also think I like side ponytails.

Today I’m out of the office again. I haven’t spent a full day there since last Thursday and I think that’s part of what’s throwing my routine off. I’m looking forward to returning to somewhat normalcy tomorrow.

But my point — in case I didn’t make that clear — is that by having certain things stay the same during the day-to-day, you can ease the stresses in other aspects of life. By doing everything the way I always do it this morning, I’m going into the day with a sense of control.

Lastly, I did some downloading yesterday. Here are the only four songs I’m listening to at the moment (that I will obviously be sick of within a week):

  • “Give Me Everything” by Pitbull feat. Ne-Yo, Afrojack & Nayer
  • “Judas” by Lady Gaga
  • “Party Rock Anthem” by LMFAO
  • “Someone Like You” by Adele (It makes me cry. Every. Single. Time.)

TELL ME: Do you have a strict morning routine? Or are you OK with mixing it up?



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  1. When I get up, I have the same routine everyday no matter what time I get up! I always have to get out of bed and immediately make my bed. Then, I take medication, brush teeth, hop in the shower. Then once getting out I get my hair dried then get dressed and makeup-ed, so I dont get all sweaty, then I run yes run down the stair for breakfast! I am a breakfast lover but I dont like to eat in my jammies! 😀

  2. My mornings are 100% routineless
    I try to wake up around the same time every day, but from there on out, I do different things every day! I work in a lab doing scientific research so every day is pretty different. I crave the excitment of different things all the time 🙂

  3. 1. I LOVE side ponytails – I wear one almost every day!
    2. I also love the outfit with belt.
    3. I really want to hear about your specific foam rolling routine, because I’ve had to take it easy with running because of my incredibly, ridiculously achy knees. Could you possible elaborate?
    4. Remember … “Too Blessed to be Stressed!”

    Sending smiles!

  4. your skirt is sooo cute!

    i am out of my routine this week too – just can’t get it right – and i’m sleeping through alarms left and right and going to bed way too late. ahhh!!!

    happy wednesday! xoxo

  5. Your morning routine seems so intense!!! But it’s nice to get things done and start your day BEFORE work.

    My routine varies by months or what “wave” I’m in, but once I get into a routine I like to try to stick with it. If I change it up I just get lost and end up sleeping more haha

  6. I do have a strict morning routine when I’m on a stable project, but right now I’m in between, so my routine is ALL over the place. I’m jealous of your routine!

  7. I’m such a routine girl, but my job is slightly unpredictable, in terms of hours. When I was training for the marathon, I was very strict with my routine. Every morning, without fail, I got in my miles, except Fridays. Now, I’ll wake up 2-3 mornings a week and sleep in the other two. I kind of miss my morning routine when I don’t do it, but I do enjoy the extra sleep.

    Totally relate to the closet thing. I have not been feeling anything in the closet these days.

    Here’s the hoping our dear city gets a bit of sunshine tomorrow! Happy Wednesday!

  8. I am curious what your AB routine is. I would like to have an AB routine, but I always feel like I’m just flopping around on the floor like a fish. Help?!

    I have a “routine” per say, but I don’t start it at a certain time. Depending on the day of the week I get up at different times; I pack my Hubs lunch, eat my breakfast, shower/get ready/blog/twitter/facebook..

  9. I hope some of your stress starts to go away soon!! But I definitely agree that sticking with the regular routine can really help. I always find that the times when my routine is thrown completely off are the times that I get stressed out the most!

    And I love your floral skirt – so bright and cheerful on this dreary day 🙂

  10. Routine? I’m lucky to roll out of bed before 8, take a shower, and hop on the subway.

    The joys of being a night runner are boundless. 🙂

  11. I definitely have the a morning routine. If I don’t make my bed, put in my contacts, brush my teeth, and wash my face in that exact order, I feel like my day gets thrown off!

    Glad the rain held off for your run. That dirt boat is kinda weird. I live in a place where tractors are everywhere and will hold up traffic down a one lane road so I guess every place has something a little strange.

  12. On running days, I’m up at 6:30, take 10 minutes to throw on contacts and shoes and chug some coffee, and then I’m out the door for six miles. Once I’m back, I’m usually rushed to shower and get ready, but luckily I’m not very high-maintenance and usually manage to make it to work right at 9. 🙂

  13. I am so strict with routines.. not just in the morning.. but throughout the entire day. I crave routines.. I like to know just what is happening next. I think I get a little too intense about it sometimes.. and go a little haywire when something disrupts my normal routine.

  14. I have such a strict morning routine that I get utterly cranky when it falls apart. It doesn’t really include anything mind-blowing but up at 6:00am, stretching, honey + tea, a run, making lunch, shower, etc. etc.

    If the first 3 don’t happen I hate it!

  15. I’ve seen the dirt boat! I like the belt version a lot actually. My morning routine varies based on whether I am working out, have PT or neither. On Mondays and Tuesdays I write in the morning. Sometimes I clean and do dishes in the morning. It’s when I get things done.

  16. Coffee/oatmeal/blogging! Every morning. I am a creature of habit. If I could get myself up early enough to run before my 8am class my world would rock.. but realistically it’s just not a possibility when I have been getting to bed past midnight working on projects..

    I love the skirt! Spring time!

  17. Your morning routine is pretty similar to mine.. Except I make my bed and do sit-ups after my run.. Right now I am in Hoboken but I can’t wait to move to the city in Oct and run in the park.. I am looking for studios close to the park 🙂 Hopefully I can find something!

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