More Hours, Please

I need more hours in the day. Anyone else?

Before we get down to business, let me send a huge congratulations to all of yesterday’s inspiring Boston Marathon finishers! I was out of the office all day so I couldn’t watch the coverage live, but I was checking Twitter obsessively on my phone.

The girls I work with don’t get it.

Most of them have Engagement Fever, and a few are developing Baby Fever.

None of them have Marathon Fever.

But I do.

So yeah. I’d like to run 26.2 miles this year.

All at one time.

As I mentioned yesterday, this week is going to be a very busy one because of a work project. Today I’ll be out all day at a photo shoot, which will be fun but exhausting.

Last night I made time for a Chisel workout in between commitments. If you don’t prioritize and schedule your workouts, they’re not going to happen! It felt good to get a 45-minute strength training session in before going on with my night.

This morning I was up earlier than normal — 5:15 am, ouch! — to get a run in.

There is something on my eye in that photo. I don’t know what it is.

I was happy to see that, despite the weather report, it wasn’t raining this morning. I covered 5.5 miles and felt great. The temperature was perfect.

My legs were definitely tight by the time I got back to my apartment, so I did some stretching and will definitely be doing a lot of foam rolling tonight — no matter what time I get home!

On the wardrobe front, I’m running out of clothes I actually enjoy wearing. Today I like my top but I don’t think it works with the baggy jeans. I’d wear more fitted jeans, but they need to be washed.


I did wash my hair today though!

So silky and smooth. (Name that movie…)

Alright, I’m about to be nice and late for work, so let’s get to talking…

TELL ME: I still have marathon fever, and I loved reading all of your marathon stories. But now I want to know what your non-running fitness goals are. If you’re not dying to run a 5K, a half marathon, a full marathon or an IronLadyBadAssThing, what do you want to do? Swim? Bike? Try a new fitness class? I’m big on goal setting, so share yours and then we’ll accomplish all of them together!



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  1. Gosh you’re funny!!
    I tried frantically to watch the BM on the internet only to find out that it is a pay to watch event now?? 3 hrs of the day wasted trying to find a live stream
    I understand!


  2. When I took a break from running, I got really into yoga. I always thought I would hate it, that it wasn’t a “real” enough workout for me. I was happily surprised that it was so much harder than running. I got a 2 week unlimited pass at a great studio, and so enjoyed immersing myself in yoga and all of the physical and mental challenges that came with it. It’s so different than running and other go-go-to sports, but still SO hard and totally builds muscle. Hope you find something that works for you – I think it’s so healthy to focus on things besides running alone.

  3. I’ve added yoga to my life since January, and am loving that. I definitely don’t have the marathon fever though:) I’m definitely feeling the need for a few more hours to my day. I have just a little too much on my plate right now…

  4. I love Zumba. Your passion for running is like my passion for Zumba. After I graduate in May, I want to become certified to teach classes. I will have to find another “real job”, of course (that’s another one of my goals!), but I think it would be fun to teach Zumba on the side.

  5. Short-term non-running goal: to get better in the pool. I seriously suck at swimming. Until last year, I still plugged my nose with my hand to go underwater (what am I, five years old?)

    Long-term goal: to complete a half IronMan! We’ll see. I need to get through short-term goal above first!

    Love the top you have on today!

  6. I’d love to do a triathlon one day and join a yoga studio. There’s a super awesome hot yoga studio in Michigan (where my parents live) that I love, but I can’t find any where I live.

  7. This is far off, but next summer I really want to do the Iron Girl in Syracuse, NY – that is my hometown. I’m getting biking and running down, but swimming is not great for me. Especially, lap swimming. Haven’t even attempted it in years. But I just signed up for one of those crazy obstacle course races, the Warrior Dash, for August this year.

  8. I’m signing up for an olympic tri for this summer. Running is my favorite so if I don’t do other things I would end up running every day and probably injuring myself. I’m determined to become a good swimmer, or at least somewhat better than where I am now!

  9. I’m with you on the time thing. Cleaning my house and getting everything done at work are the two categories to suffer right now! I keep saying that I’ll get back on track post-marathon…

  10. Love the top!
    I set a bunch of workout/self-esteem related goals for 2011, but I did also make reading more one, too (so, I started a book club!) and writing (which I should probably work on….).

  11. Love your top! Where is it from? And I lol’d at your comment about marathon fever – I definitely think that running is more important than getting married or having kids (oh god) at this stage in my life, but some of my friends are on a different page….

    1. Haha, I was randomly chatting with a high school classmate (back in Oregon) the other day, who asked why I’m not also getting married anytime soon. lol, seriously? 24 is not old, people…

      I don’t have any big fitness goals other than incorporating more strength training and core work in my routine. (I currently do crunches and lift weights once a week, if that…) People ask if I want to do an ultramarathon or Ironman, but I think I’m happy just continuing to work on running a faster 26.2. Plus, I haven’t ridden a bike since seventh grade, and just because I know how not to drown doesn’t mean I’m a good swimmer.

  12. I’ve done a bunch of full and halfs, but would love to overcome my fear of murky water and learn to swim like a triathlete. Iron Man would be a great accomplishment one day.

  13. That is such a great question…I’d like to get more consistent with weight lifting and classes. However, I think my biggest goal is running-related but shorter distances. I think I can really run a fast 15K so I’m hoping to find a good one out there. I may also throw another marathon in there, but perhaps I’ll do it for the experience rather than time :-).

    PS – I was struggling with the same issue today: I need MORE HOURS. I am consistently 15 minutes late to work. AND why is the subway always so darn slow from 8:30 to 9:00?

  14. As a pretty serious runner in high school and part of college, I thought that I was in awesome shape. And I definitely was, overall. Once I started Crossfit last year, though, I felt my entire body become stronger. My (lower) back was stronger, which was huge necessity to building my core. My shoulders, arms, even wrists felt stronger. It felt amazing!

    I’ve since modified my use of Crossfit to the more metcon days (metabolic conditioning) versus the heavy weight days, but it’s still a marked difference from my running-only days! I have to remember to intersperse runs in there because I can get easily distracted with the Crossfit workouts.

    Therefore, my non-running fitness goals are to become stronger in my overall body. Oh, and become more flexible, which uh, isn’t making any progress as of late. 😉

  15. Haha, I 100% have marathon fever as well. I think it’s a good thing, but also makes me want to sign up for like 5 marathons next year which isn’t the smartest thing to do 🙂 I love your top, by the way– very springy! My non-running fitness goals are to supplement more regularly with iron to prevent low levels, and work on my upper body strength by getting in some lifting once or twice a week. It’s kind of pathetic how weak my arms are compared to my legs!

  16. Cute shirt! I was excited it wasn’t raining this morning too! You should totally sign up for and run a marathon – I promise you will love it

    My non-running fitness goals include keeping up with PT and strength training… to, you know, help my running 🙂

  17. I love that shirt! So cute! I’d also like to say that after reading your blog for a couple months, I’ve finally got my butt out of bed to do my run in the morning. Loved every minute of it!

  18. Movie: Billy Madison… LOOOVE that movie.. The part in the tub where he has the shampoo and conditioner talking to each other is my fave!

    I definitely have to figure out a new schedule for work outs. It’s SO hot after work that it makes me not want to go outside & run.

    I don’t have marathon fever…yet. Probably once I read all the Boston recaps I will, but it’s not my time yet. I have some work to do on the half-marathon first.

  19. Running is my one true love, but I am determined to get myself into the pool soon. Swimming seems super challenging and I want to do it! What I want to do is very different from what I should do. I should consider more weights and yoga…someday…when the marathon fever dies down!

  20. First off – I totally agree about priortizing and scheduling time for workouts. There is time- you just have to make it! I will often revamp my entire schedule to make sure I get me work out in.. even if it means being up a 4:45 and at the gym as the doors are being unlocked!

    My main fitness goal is to go to yoga more often. I used to be a regular.. but not of late. I really felt the differences when I was consistently going… and now I am starting to feel the effects of not going!

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