Marathon Envy

Today is the Boston Marathon. You know that by now, right?

Well, I’m obsessed. I wish I could be in Boston today cheering on all of the amazing, inspiring runners.

I never thought twice about the Boston Marathon until this year. Up until a few months ago, I had no desire to even run a marathon, let alone watch one or devote time to thinking about one.

But this year is different.

This year I really want to run my first marathon. I’ve done four half marathons. I’m ready to tackle 26.2 miles.

I don’t think I’ll ever qualify for Boston, but I’m in the lottery for this year’s New York City Marathon and even if I don’t get in this year, I’ll definitely be running it in 2012.

I want to be a marathoner. 

That being said, last night I had a dream that I was going to watch the Boston Marathon. Sadly that’s not the case and I’ll be spending the day running around NYC doing work things. It’s a super busy week at the office — so busy, in fact, that I’m wearing flats today. Unheard of, I know. (We’ll get to the outfit a little later.)

OK so, in case you’re catching up from the weekend, you missed out on my apartment tour! Check it out here. The place is really coming together nicely! I’m in love with my bar stools.

Despite not sleeping well at all last night, I was up with the sun this morning. I figured, if thousands of people can run a marathon today, I can do four miles.

Obviously once I was out there I was a happy girl.

It was a perfect morning for running outside.

I even did some speedwork this morning! Nothing fancy or formal, but every now and then I’d sprint for the length of the chorus of a song. It was fun! I’m excited to quickly learn that speedwork is challenging and cool, not boring and dreadful.

It also makes you extra sweaty.

As I mentioned, this week is one of our busiest ones at the office. I’ll be out of the office most days, which is fun, but also stressful, because it means I come home at night to a million missed emails.

Flats are the name of the game this week.

I also have some fun after-work plans happening this week, and it all leads up to the NYC Running Show on Friday, when JackRabbit will finally announce the six finalists in the Run For The Rabbit campaign! Exciting! They’re choosing six people from the 60 who did screen tests, so the odds are tough, but I’m excited to find out either way.

Alright, week, let’s do this.

One final GOOD LUCK to all of today’s incredible marathoners. You rock my world.

TELL ME: What’s your take on marathons? Have you done one? What made you want to do it? Or what makes you not want to do one? I love marathon stories, so tell me yours!



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  1. You are so ready to do 26.2! I was the same way you were when I was trying to decide if I should run a full or not, and eventually just bit the bullet and went for it! You’ll get there, I know it!

  2. Hey Ali,

    Glad you’re feeling better 🙂
    I have run only one marathon almost 8 years ago eek that makes me feel old and I’m only 28! I would love to do another one but I’m going to do a couple half’s first. One in two weeks, that I spontaneously decided to sign up for today, and another on June 1th.

    I totally understand your marathon envy. I’m sure you will do it! The Chicago Marathon is another great one that doesn’t fill up quite as quickly as the NY or Boston. 🙂

  3. I have Boston fever, too! I was totally caught up in the excitement of the race today, which has never happened before…including the 3 years I lived in Boston!

    I’m putting it on my to-do list, too. I may never qualify, but that’s OK — it is good to have ambitious goals!

  4. Marathons are so much fun! I enjoy the training even more than the actual event, too. And don’t discount your speed, it might not happen right away but you could definitely qualify for Boston!

  5. Just stumbled upon your blog and I’m hooooked 🙂 I’m a fellow New York runner who just started blogging! Coincidentally, I ran in the National Marathon in DC this year (the full). It was my third marathon and my best time! I wanted to do it the first time to prove something to myself, second time because the first time was awesome, third time because it had been a while. haha.

    My fave marathon so far was Disney. I LOVED it. It was my first and it was just so special. I’d definitely recommend for a first full marathon – it’s an extremely flat/scenic course. I’ll definitely be back to read more. Love it!

  6. Um, I definitely get inner elbow sweat, thank goodness someone else does too…I was feeling a little weird!

    I’ve run one marathon and am going to be running #2 in October! I love the training and the feeling of crossing the finish line! My bucket list of marathons includes the OBX marathon, NYC and Disney to name a few 🙂

  7. I love this post! I have been training all year for a half marathon…and I kinda got the full-marathon bug from it. I figured after I finished my half I would feel so dead that I would vow to never run again (not really, but kinda, lol!) I just finished my first half on Saturday, now I have marathon fever more than ever! I think I am going to sign up for one at the end of the summer!

  8. I hear ya on the Boston envy! I spent most of today drooling (and being completely envious of) all of the Boston updates.

    On marathons – I’ve only done one so far, but I’m training for my second (in May) and third (in October) this year. Doing a marathon used to be a “bucket list” thing for me, and now they’ve become something I love. The training, the emotional roller coaster, the post-race meal… it’s all so worth it. I hope you decide to do one! You could totally rock the 26.2 🙂

  9. I really think that half marathons are the sweet spot for me. Just long enough to be a challenge without significantly altering my daily lifestyle. However, I, too, am in the NYC marathon lottery this year, and I guess we’ll find out next week if we’re in or not! I don’t know if I would be more petrified or excited if I get in, though. 🙂

    I agree that you definitely have 26.2 in you, though!

  10. i feel the exact same way about boston this year! i’m not sure i’ll ever qualify for it, but must run it someday, especially because it is my hometown 🙂 i’ve built it up for years and want it to be soooo special – and i’m just not there yet!

    marathons are a MUST. i ran baystate marathon in lowell, ma in october ’09 – and though it SNOWED, sleeted, hailed, rained, and was about 20 degrees, i still finished. it’s comforting to know that my next one (Woooo Chicago 2011!) can’t be half as bad as that. 🙂

    you’ve soooooooooooooooo got 26.2 in you. oh! and i am doing the 9+1 with nyrr too!


  11. I never knew about the Boston Marathon until last year, and even then I wasn’t excited about it. I just paid $5 to watch it live this morning!! So exciting!

    I’ve never run a marathon, I just ran my 3rd half. I don’t think I’m ready for a full yet. 26.2 miles just sounds ridiculous to me; I have more work to do on my half-marathon times. I want to get under 1:50 (my PR is 1:52:53) and maybe work on my 5k time (I really enjoy 5ks).. Maybe 2012 I’ll consider a full..who knows what life holds.

  12. I had a marathon dream last night too! Except I wasn’t spectating, I was running and it was some strange course (not Boston) that went through buildings, up and down stairs, lots of weird places. And I kept getting lost. It was odd, needless to say!

    I’m sure if you run a marathon, you’ll be hooked! I certainly was. I’d love to run Boston someday, but I’d have to drop so much time that I’m not sure it’s a realistic goal for me. But it’s fun to follow along.

  13. I haven’t ran one yet but I’m training for the Chicago marathon in October!

    I’m definitely going on a run later. If Boston can do 26.2 I can do a good 4 too!

    Great motivation Ali!

  14. JUST watched the finish of Boston. SO close!! I never thought I’d get into competitive sports watching, but it was really fun to see. I used to want to do a full, but now I know it’s not really possible because of my knee. I’ll just live vicariously through everyone’s recaps, I guess!!

  15. LOVE your blazer! I’ve only ever done halves. I’ve done two half marathons, and just put my name in for the random drawing to register for the Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco this October. I am scared!

  16. Ahhh I always get inner elbow sweat… I usually don’t notice it until the end of the run (although Iget it every time I am wearing long sleeves) .. but then I can feel it constantly and it becomes soo annoying!
    Congrats to you for making the step in deciding to do a marathon! What a great goal!

  17. I have run one marathon and it was the hardest thing ever…after running 26.2 miles i said never again and then the bug hit me again. that marathon was 4 years ago and i’m finally ready to say that I am looking forward to running another The Mohawk Hudson Marathon is fortunately right in my backyard(ok almost…not literally) so that’s what i’m setting sight on!! how does this contest for jackrabbit work…if you get picked what do you win??

    1. If I get picked I would get a running coach who would train me for the Hamptons Marathon. I would also be raising money for the charity of my choice while training. I belieeeeve there are prizes at the end for the highest fundraiser, too!

      1. wow that is amazing!!! when is the Hamptons Marathon. I just went there for the first time this summer…such an AMAZING place!!

  18. It’s funny because until this year, my response would be “NO WAY, I never could or want to run a marathon.” After completing my first 1/2 this year though, I think and feel much differently! There’s an 80% chance I will be running the 2012 NYC Marathon with you, getting in through a charity. The thought of it still frightens me, but I figure mine as well do it while we’re young 🙂

    Best of luck! When do you begin your official training for it?

    1. I hear you — after my first half I was like, “Why would anyone DOUBLE that?!” And now I’m dying to do it. Crazy!

      If I get picked (fingers crossed!) I would start training ASAP I guess? I’m not sure!

      1. You already have a great base so you’d really only need 12-16 weeks tops to get marathon ready. When do they announce the lottery results – June? You’ll even have a few weeks after that before an official training start.

  19. I had a Boston dream too – Boston marathon envy for sure. The dream even had me debating throwing my name in the lottery for the NYC marathon… I have 9 more hours to decide!

    My second marathon, my brother jumped in a mile 13 and ran the last half with me (and without training – I hate that he just randomly can run a half marathon!). It was such a help, as the 2nd half of the Chicago course typically has less spectators than then 1st half. It was great to have someone there to push me when I wanted to walk… and to make me laugh! I ran a PR and I owe it all to my lil bro!

  20. I would love to run Boston one day! I don’t think I am fast enough to qualify, but maybe if I could raise money? I hope you get in the 2011 NYC!! Running/training for a marathon is such an amazing experience!

  21. You could TOTALLY rock a marathon, I am sure of it, lady! I totally have marathon envy today too, wishing I was there cheering them on. I sometimes wonder if I could nail a full marathon but it still scares the pants off me…but intrigues me equally as it does scare me. Hmm.

  22. I want to run a marathon just to cross it off my bucket list, but I am being lazy and don’t want to put in the time to train for it. Long runs scare me.

  23. I’m running this year’s NYC Marathon – guaranteed entry through 9 1. It will be my first marathon. I only started running about 5 years ago. I wanted to run a marathon before I turn 40, and as a New Yorker there is no other marathon I could possibly make my first marathon.
    I hope you’re selected as one of the Jack Rabbit runners! I’ll be at the expo to cheer you on.

  24. Did you know that if we lived in Boston, we’d have the day off from work for Marathon Monday?

    Running track and cross country during my last two years in high school after being just about the most unathletic kid in the world ( made me want to someday run the NYC Marathon. I finally got my butt in gear and did the NYRR 9+1 plan in 2009 and qualified to run it last year. I’m running it again this fall, and planning to train hard in an effort to qualify for Boston 2013 (gulp)!

  25. I think you could qualify for Boston…you have an amazing half marathon time!

    I originally got roped into training for a marathon because the excitement from my running group wore off on me. I ran the Shamrock Marathon in Virginia Beach in March. It was my first full, but my second time going through marathon training. (I got stress fractures in both legs the first time around.) Running the marathon was an amazing experience and definitely one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done, both mentally and physically! I’ve already signed up for two more.

  26. I really wanted to go to Boston today to watch the marathon but it overlapped with Passover! Very exciting day. I hope I can run the NYC Marathon that I spent last year qualifying for… if I am too injured to run this year, I will defer to 2012 and run with you! I never even considered a marathon until the recent past myself. I never considered going for a run!

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