Welcome Home

I love my apartment.

It has felt like home since the day I moved in, and although there’s still plenty to be done — who can tell me where to get an awesome area rug? — it’s coming together quickly and I love having a place that’s all my own.

Let me go back in time…to yesterday.

I started my day off by making the trek to Crunch Union Square in order to take a spinning class with my favorite instructor. I didn’t love the location and the class was intense for several reasons.

  1. You have to arrive an hour early to sign up and get a wristband. But you don’t reserve a specific bike, so then you have to line up outside the spinning room up to 30 minutes before class starts so you can get a “good” bike. It was stressful and I felt like I was at a nightclub. Too much for Hungover Ali to handle on a Saturday morning.
  2. There was serious pre-ride drama. Two chicks without wristbands tried to sneak in, so then two guys didn’t have bikes and blah blah blah, the front desk had to get involved. It was crazy. The class needed a bouncer at the door — seriously.
  3. The gym itself is pretty small. I didn’t love it.

However, the class was worth waking up for. The instructor is awesome and so motivating. I swear he lives in my brain and always knows exactly what to say to keep my legs moving. I was able to do some strength training and stretching before class, too. Solid way to start the weekend.

Then my parents arrived!

Yesterday was filled with apartment stuff including getting organized, fixing up the kitchen, hanging curtains and building things. It also included an intense trip to Bed Bath & Beyond.

Good thing we had five coupons.

And good thing I had my parents with me. They knew what I should buy. I was pretty much clueless.

We spent the rest of the day making everything pretty, then got dinner at Vespa, a delicious Italian spot on the Upper East Side.

This morning — after having slept on a very uncomfortable and squeaky air mattress — I was up with the sun to get in a 3-mile run before we went back to work on the apartment.

It was so nice out!

So without further ado, welcome to my home! Let me take you on a tour…

And there it is: my new happy place. I’ve got my first load of laundry here going as we speak — it’s only $1.00 per load! — and I’m excited about all of my new purchases.

Now who wants to come over and sit on my bar stools?

On an unrelated note, good luck to all the Boston Marathoners who are going to be superstars tomorrow! I’m inspired, envious and wishing each of you an amazing run. Don’t forget to smile at the start, at the finish and for all 26.2 miles in between!



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  1. I had no idea that was a studio until the last picture – I’m impressed with how organized you are. And I say that as someone who lived in a studio for 5 years and had boxes I never unpacked. Ha.

  2. Love love love the picture next to your tv!! 🙂 Your place is looking great! I can’t wait to come up there and see it!

  3. The apartment is adorable..thanks for the tour…is there an IKEA in NY?? you could always order online..they have some cute area rugs that are inexpensive.

  4. Love how the apartment came together! A full fridge/ freezer is definitely a nice part of parents coming for a visit, of course besides being able to see them 🙂

  5. Your place is super cute! I love the race bibs as graphic art/trophies — I can’t wait to start collecting some of my own to decorate with.

    Rugs: I had the hardest time with this! West Elm (though they can be pricey) and One Kings Lane are good sources. If you can wait a few weeks, there is a Home Goods opening on the UWS — sometime in late May, I believe. I used to think that was a store for suburban moms (like mine!), but when I finally gave it a try I fell in love. I usually fill up 2 carts when I shop (I am quite a sight). They have GREAT rugs, I bought a beautiful one that was reasonably priced and totally kicks ass.

    Good luck!

  6. the apt looks great!!! enjoy! mom and dad visiting post move rocks!!
    [and, i found my area rug on ruelala – i was super nervous ordering a rug online, but it worked out just fine and ended up being a great deal!]

  7. Your apartment is so cute!! I love the decorations and the way you put it together. And the way you took advantage of a parent’s visit. Nice 😛

  8. Your apartment is SO nice!!!! A zillion times nicer than mine, and wow your closets. LOVE the green bathroom!! Such a nice cozy place that you get to call home!

  9. Your apartment is adorable and I love the studio! That green bathroom is a bit much but hey I guess we’re exhausted in the monring anyway, right? 🙂

  10. Everything looks great! I love moving into a new place and then finally getting everything organized. Such a good feeling. Cheers!

  11. I totally want to visit! (Except uh, I don’t exactly know you yet, hmmm, weird?) You have an adorable apartment and I’m glad to see that the result of your parents visiting = the same result as mine visiting.

    Stocked fridge! Overall cleanliness! Thanks, mom and dad!

    I think I will take a cue from you and put old race numbers on my door. I have a roommate (close friend from high school) so it’s hard to decorate our “public” spaces with too much personal stuff, but who says I can’t do it on the back of my bedroom door? Yay!

    Happy Sunday! 🙂

  12. Looks nice and cozy! That’s QUITE the green bathroom:) I’m not sure how I’d handle that 1st thing in the morning;) very cute towels too-you did a great job decorating!

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