Friday From Home

Hello, Friday. Thanks for showing up!

I’m blogging from bed this morning. This will be a picture-less post because I have nothing pretty to show you today.

I was so miserable at the office yesterday — turns out, constant coughing and nose blowing will irritate your coworkers (even the really nice ones). Everyone says, “Go home!” and doesn’t want to go near you and your germs.

So I’m doing everyone a favor and today I’ll be working from the comfort of my own bed and couch.

I’m probably going to spare the dentist a hack-fest, too, and will be rescheduling the ol’ teeth cleaning that was supposed to go down this morning.

I hate the dentist.

I also really want to make sure I’m healthy for the weekend, so a little rest will do the body good.

I’ll try not to go running today, even if I am feeling better later.

But I can’t make any promises. If my nostrils clear up, the sneakers may magically end up on my feet.

It’ll be nice to be home today. I get SoapNet and Dylan McKay and I have some catching up to do. My apartment is also not parent-ready, and since Mom & Dad On The Run are visiting this weekend, it couldn’t hurt to do a bit of cleaning today.

(Though, really, isn’t that what they’re coming down to do? Clean?)

Just kidding, Mom.

ON THAT NOTE: My parents are visiting this weekend! Finally! The plan is to do some apartment stuff, but this is NYC so naturally we’ll be doing plenty of fun things, too. My mom wants “a good slice of New York pizza and 16 Handles” and my dad makes no requests when he visits (though I know he’ll want a good bagel with lox on Sunday morning). What do you do when your parents come to visit?



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  1. Resting is such a good idea to get better fast! Glad you’re staying home today. Usually my parents come to the city for an event (brother’s track meet, sporting event, etc) but other than those things I like to take them to my favorite restaurants (where they can pay, hehe), just walk around the city with them, and relax. Having time to talk to them is the best part! Hope you enjoy your weekend!

  2. Amazing how moms can step in and make everything sparkly, hm? You’re going to have such a great weekend!

    Rest up and enjoy the sun! Personally, I’d recommend not going for a run, although I abide by the same “if-it’s-bothering-me-above-the-neck-I-can-still-work-out” rule. It seems you haven’t been able to kick this quite yet and my brother, the ever reasonable doctor in our family, always says sleep is the most magical and effective medicine you can get. 🙂

  3. When my parents come, we do something crazy… like go get sushi (haha). My mom thinks shes so “big city” when she eats at a sushi restuarant. It’s cute. I also make sure they notice how empty my fridge is in order to win a free trip to the grocery. Pathetic, I know.

  4. you don’t have anything pretty to show us? false. as long as your ali-riffic face is still attached you’ve got plenty of pretty going on.

    but seriously, feel better yo.

    when my mom is here we eat, run, eat, run and drink. though i’m really not sure what else there is to do in life…

  5. glad you can get some extra rest at home! so exciting to have your parents come visit! when my parents visited in December, I think the highlight was Dylan’s Candy Bar! have a great weekend! xo

  6. Please don’t run today!! You will recover faster if you use your resources for fighting the virus instead of powering your muscles.

  7. It sounds like you definitely need rest!! Taking a day off of running won’t hurt! 🙂 Even though it may feel like it. Hope you feel better soon so you can enjoy a nice weekend with your parents.

    When my parents come to visit me, my mom ALWAYS cleans even when I tell her not to. One day she came to my college apartment and snuck out of my room early in the morning and had the whole thing sparkling before I even got out of bed/realized what was going on. Apparently my cleaning skills aren’t up to par.

  8. Rest, rest, rest! I think some time in bed and an extra serving of fro-yo with Mom and Dad should do the trick. Hope you feel better soon!

  9. Have you tried using a Netti Pot? They are kinda gross….but work wonders for your congestion! If you don’t have one.. I would highly suggest giving it a try!

    It is so hard to keep yourself from running if you feel better later in the day.. I know exactly what you mean! I usually end up doing something later in the day.. but then regret it a couple hours later when I am achy and feeling yuck!

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