Thankful Things Thursday: A Late Start

Due to the fact that I got pretty much no sleep last night, I’m running a little behind schedule this morning.

My stuffy nose had me tossing, turning and struggling to breathe. Even Tylenol PM didn’t pull through for me last night. I let myself sleep until 7 am then started my day as usual, just an hour or so later than normal.

Soooo yeah. Still sick. I’ve resigned myself to the fact that it’s a cold, not allergies. No real medical reason behind my diagnosis, I just sort of decided. I did use the WebMD symptom checker, and according to that I either have a cold, allergies, dust exposure, hay fever, pneumonia or Anthrax.


But just because I’m sick doesn’t mean I’m not ready to throw down a list of things I’m thankful for today!

I’m thankful I got any sleep at all. The night was rough, but from 6 to 7 am I was in a deep, blissful sleep. That hour was awesome.

I’m thankful I broke a sweat. As I’ve discussed a bit this week, as long as my symptoms stay in the head region, I feel OK enough to work out. When I woke up this morning, I took to the river for a 4-mile jog. I say jog because it definitely wasn’t an all-out run. I kept my pace very moderate and focused more on steady breathing (out of my mouth only, silly sinuses) than on moving my legs fast.

I’m thankful for fresh air. Yeah it was nice to run, but it was also nice to get some morning Vitamin D. The rain has finally left NYC, at least for now, and today is a beautiful day.

I’m thankful for commuting clothes. Once I get to the office, I’m a heels-only kind of girl. But walking to and from the subway? Heck no. I’m all about the moccasins and the comfort. It’s also finally spring, so my green coat is out in full force.

I’m thankful for my LBD. That’s little blue dress. I’ve posted a million photos of this winner by now, but seriously, best investment ever. I didn’t have the effort to put something together this morning, so I slipped into my favorite thing.

I’m thankful for medicine. Afrin, Tylenol PM and now today I’m trying something new. I hope it’s effective!

I’m thankful I saw the commercial!!! Yes, I finally saw the JackRabbit commercial that I’m oh-so-briefly in on TV. It was awesome.

I’ve received a ton of emails and Facebook messages this week from people all asking the same thing: “Uh, did I see you on TV last night?” People have seen the commercial on the Oprah Winfrey Network, ESPN and NY1. It’s so exciting!

And of course, the second question they ask is, “So did you get it?!” Well, it’s a waiting game now. JackRabbit is announcing the six finalists — narrowed down from the 60 people who did screen tests — at the NYC Running Show, which is next Friday (April 22). I’ll be there at noon for the big announcement. Crazy! My fingers are all obviously very crossed. My toes, too.

I’m thankful that today is going to be busy. I thrive when I’m busy. And stressed. That’s probably not good. Coming up:

  • That meeting that got rescheduled.
  • Going to a photo shoot in the afternoon — all the editors are getting headshots taken today for our website. Hopefully they can Photoshop my red nostrils!
  • A Quinnipiac University happy hour after work. I’ll stick to water, but yay school spirit!
  • Seeing Wonderland on Broadway tonight.

On that note, time to get myself into gear.

YOU KNOW THE DRILL: Tell me what you’re thankful for today! I don’t care if you’re sick or if it’s raining where you are. There has to be something you’re thrilled about. Let me know what it is.



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  1. I’m thankful for running! It never fails to lift my mood and is always there for me when I need it.

    Love your LBD, and you green coat! I’m obsessed with jackets and yours is super cute.

  2. Sorry you’re still sick! Hope you’re over it in time to enjoy the weekend.

    Today I’m thankful for the fifth straight day of 55+ degree temps in Michigan. After what felt like the loooooongest winter ever, I’ll take every single day that I don’t have to wear a fleece headband and gloves while running.

  3. I’m thankful that I stumbled across your blog from MegaNerd’s in the days following the National Half Marathon, and I’m thankful that the direct result is a renewed inspiration for me to update my blog!

    (Don’t rush there yet, I’m only writing my first entry in a few months right now, ha!)

    On another note, two things:
    1. I’m so envious of your LBD! It looks absolutely perfect and I wish I had a favorite, perfect-for-work-and-after-work dress like that!
    2. How does your Garmin work in the city? My best friend, who has since moved to Kansas City for med school, said that her Garmin crashed and burned when she was living here because it could never pick up a satellite location. I’ve since held off on buying one. What do you think?

    1. You’re so sweet! Thank you for the comment.

      As for the Garmin: I have the 110 and it works great! It picks up satellite quickly on most blocks and almost immediately when I’m in Central Park. There have been a few times that it’s taken a few minutes to get a signal, but I’ve never had a major problem. I love the 110!

  4. ooh, I’ll look out for your commercial – how exciting! I’m thankful it’s a gorgeous day outside and the sun is shining 🙂

    Sounds like you have a fun night planned – hope you’re feelin’ better by then!

  5. ahhh so exciting!!! You are have so much going on.. I LOVE LOVE that dress.. I was out last night on a mission to find a blue dress and came back empty handed.. Did end up getting a great black dress from Gap though 🙂

  6. Congrats on the commercial!! I’m thankful for good group members that work hard on our senior design project. Things are a lot less stressful when the whole group has their eye on the prize

  7. YAY! SO glad you saw the commercial!

    Today I’m thankful for….
    -The massage I treated myself to on Monday…. my back is thankful, too!
    -My first book club meeting tonight (Ok, so this hasn’t happened yet, but I’m thankful I have it to look forward to at the end of the day!)
    -the fact that the sun is shining today!

    Also, at aforementioned massage, outside of the steam room was a list of benefits…in addition to the typical “relieve stress, release toxins, open pores” suggestions was (believe it or not……) “let Sars and Aids go away” so… maybe the steam will help your Anthrax? 😉 (or just clear up your sinuses, regardless?) FEEL BETTER!

  8. Sorry you are still feeling so down in the dumps!

    I am thankful for the fresh air as well. I love that the weather is finally warming up and I can breath so much easier when I am out for a run! I am not a trooper like you and run indoors for most of the windows. Thank you spring!

    Feel better, girl! Being busy will make your day fly by!

  9. I have to say, damn you are STILL so perky and happy even when you’re sick and tired. I envy you!! And you still look super cute in that dress even if you’re sick 😉

  10. AHHHH THE COMMERCIAL!! I actually have NY1 even though I don’t have cable so I will have to look for it! Where is your blue dress from? I am impressed you were able to run with sickness and little sleep, I would never be able to. Gorgeous picture, such a great day outside today! I hope you don’t have Anthrax.

    I am thankful for mini cookies with chocolate frosting, cute boys and funny emails with my friends.

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