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I’m about to take two Tylenol PM and spritz a little Afrin. I only used one spray so far today. I still get one more. I’m playing by the Afrin rules.

I will get sleep tonight.

I will wake up feeling better.

I want to run tomorrow. And I have to go to the dentist.

I don’t want to get snot on the dentist.

Well… Maybe I do. I don’t really like the dentist…

Anyway. If you didn’t do so already, be sure to take a look back on your day and let me know what you’re thankful for. This little made-up tradition makes me happy.

If I’m still not healthy tomorrow, I’m debating getting a neti pot. They terrify me. But people swear by them.

I ABSOLUTELY NEED TO KNOW: Have you ever used a neti pot? What for? Did it work? Was it gross/scary? Did you gag?



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  1. It’s all about the water temp – too hot and it burns a little, too cold and it feels like you got water up your nose in the pool. When I get it right I don’t even notice. And when I don’t get it right (all the time), it’s only weird for the first few seconds and then you get used to it. Don’t know what I would do without it!

  2. Much love for the neti pot here. I was skeptical too, but it’s great for keeping your sinuses clear. It’s a little weird at first, but once you get used to it, it’s no big deal. Any discomfort is well worth the clear head!

  3. The neti pot totally freaks me out, too. I know so many people who love them, but I just can’t bring myself to do it. I hope you feel better when you wake up!!

  4. I have a neti pot. My doc recommended it to me when I had a sinus infection that lasted for three months! I was really congested and the neti pot really helped. It’s a weird sensation at first but you get used to it quickly. It works!

    I hope you feel better!

  5. Neti pot is awesome! Not gross at all. Uncomfortable only in the sense that it’s the same feeling as getting water in your nose in the pool. But you will be able to breathe after!

  6. My boyfriend has neti pot and SWEARS by it!!!! Not gonna lie, it grosses me out… (but i hardly ever get sick and i don’t have allergies… so I’ve never felt the urge to use it). He says it doesnt hurt and you get used to the feeling!!

  7. The neti pot is hands down the best thing ever invented. I use it when I have a cold and when I can’t get the blockage to move. I didn’t choke but I used water that was too hot the first time and it burned. Other than that. Love. And use the tea kettle shaped one not the squeeze bottle, just a recommendation. Feel better girl!

  8. Sleep was definitely a good choice! Getting yourself healthy = being able to do everything else you want to do better 🙂 I’ve never tried the neti pot, but last time I had a sinus infection SO many people suggested I use it. I was going to be brave and try it, but luckily mine passed on its own relatively easily.

  9. Get one of the squeeze bottles by the same company that makes the neti pot. The stream is a little more controllable, which gets an even and steady rinse. Much more effective, and doesn’t make you feel so much like you’re drowning:)

  10. I bought one but then was too scared to use it. Then I got another one as a freebie at a race. So… I have two now. You’re welcome to one of them (both still brand new in box).

  11. I had a neti pot for like…. four weeks before one of my cats broke mine, and it was kinda great. The first few times you use it, it’s weird, it definitely takes getting used to, but it really helps. When I was feeling really crappy, I would do the Neti Pot then do some afrin right before bed.

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