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Alright, so maybe I spoke too soon.

Maybe I’m not “cured” after all.

Within an hour of this morning’s post going up, my nose stuffed up again and I was back to my old hacking ways.


But hey, today was still a good day!

  • Work was productive. Score.
  • My leftover fish was an awesome lunch. Score again.
  • My Whole Foods trip was successful. I stocked up on trail mix supplies and snagged some spinach feta orzo salad to accompany my fish. It’s my new obsession and it’s delicious.
  • My afternoon meeting got canceled. Fine by me! Except that it didn’t really get canceled — just rescheduled for tomorrow afternoon.
  • I strength trained. I love Wednesdays because I can usually get to the gym early enough to squeeze in some extra stuff before spinning starts. Today I did 100 tricep dips on a bench, used the abductor and adductor machines, did some ab work, foam rolled and did a whole lot of plank holding.
  • My favorite spinning class was a bit of a letdown because there was a sub in for the regular teacher. Bummer! But she was still great and I swear she must have shouted “Quarter turn up!” at least 40 times. We were constantly climbing and I was constantly sweating. It was a stellar workout.
  • My new commute home from the gym is fast. It’s about 15 minutes faster than my previous commute. I love it.

And that brings us to “dinner.” Yeah it’s in quotes because it was so sad tonight. I don’t have much food in the apartment and don’t have a microwave yet, so leftovers are out of the question.

I ate grapes, baby carrots and some cold pasta.

Which I chased with a half dozen or so Double Stuffed Oreos (dipped in milk of course).

Cold pasta = sad dinner.

Oh well.

There are three really easy things I do every single day to make sure I’m in a good mood:

  1. Sit ups. Even on rest days, the first thing I do in the morning is lay down and bang out 200 crunches. I love starting my day with an engaged core.
  2. Floss. You’re welcome, gums. You’re welcome, dentist. I love brushing my teeth and I love flossing. I used to lie to my dentist when he would ask if I floss daily. Now I don’t have to lie.
  3. Drink a ton of water. Not just “a glass with every meal.” I’m constantly drinking water. Of course that also means I’m constantly peeing. But I love water. It’s pretty much the only thing I drink. Oh, and milk with my Oreos. And wine.

YOUR TURN: What do you do every day to ensure your day is wonderful?



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  1. have you tried to kill the germs with wine yet? that’s usually my go-to and I’m still standing.

    I can’t believe you start every day with 200 crunches. no wonder you’re such a hottie.

    every day for me includes: sweat (duh) and good food. I’m a pretty unhappy girl if you don’t let me burn calories and then eat calories.

  2. Coffee ensures that my day will be a good one! Also, I have to start each day by making a to-do list so I know exactly what I want to get done. It keeps me on track. 🙂

  3. Be careful with Afrin! If you use it for more than a couple days it can actually create more mucus! I know it works great, but it can end up really drying you out and making your nose create more snot 🙁

    Daily I try to drink at least two Sigg bottles of water 🙂

  4. hahaha – you are amazing even when sick!

    -i definitely drink a crazy amount of water a day too…… not even including tea….. and have probably hit every public bathroom (starbucks, diners, bookstores) on the upper east side.
    -talk to my mom&dad 🙂
    -read blogs!
    -go for a run with new songs on the ipod

    happy almost thursday! xoxox

  5. You can still heat up food without a microwave. You could have put the spaghetti into a pan on your stove and heated it up that way. I’m glad you got your workout in. Get well soon.

  6. Three things:
    1. Smile at the first person I see … in public … the usual return of a smile is uplifting!

    2. Foam Roller … this is recent.. but helps my muscles soo much!

    3. WATER… agreed. Hydration is a key to a great day!

    Sorry about the sub instructor. I hate how the instructor can make or break a class!

  7. A cup of coffee sets my day off to a good start. And I make sure I laugh every day- multiple times a day– even if it means laughing at myself some days. It makes any stress in my life just a bit more manageable 🙂

  8. 100 tricep dips? You are HARDCORE. I did 3 sets of 20 tonight and my arms were sore.

    I too am down with the daily flossing. Otherwise, I don’t think I have any routines like yours, but I want to start. I used to work out for at least 8 minutes every morning the second I woke up (did one of my 8 Minute Fitness DVDs), but I’ve gotten out of the habit. I need to get back on it!

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