Spring! Spring Is Here!

Good morning!

It’s a lovely misty but warm morning in New York City and I’m feeling good going into a new week.

Well. That’s kind of a lie. I’m still feeling sick, actually, and I’ve taken cold medicine and allergy medicine hoping to rid my body of this cough, but neither have helped.

Despite my body shutting down, the rest of me is in a pretty good mood.

In case you stick to weekday-only reading, here’s what you missed out on this weekend:

I was excited to get several messages last night letting me know that I made it into the New York Road Runners photo gallery from the Scotland 10K! I always look at the photos after every race and hope to see myself, or at least someone I know, and this time it finally happened!

I always get race photos with a dude throwing up a peace sign. Interesting.

I’m a fantastic smile faker, because I can assure I was not happy at that point during the race.

Also, did I pin my bib on in the dark? How did I manage to get it so crooked?


Last night I joined two lady friends for dinner at Penelope, which is an adorable cafe-style restaurant in Murray Hill. It’s actually where I went for lunch after I came to NYC and got offered my first post-college job!

The food was great, but the best part of my meal was the hot apple cider.

It was perfectly hot and very soothing.

Unfortunately, dinner didn’t sit so well with me and I had to rush home pretty quickly. That’s all I will give for details on this one. I blame Crohn’s Disease, not the restaurant!

Luckily my stomach felt settled by the time I woke up today, and I was happy to throw on warm-weather running clothes for a 4-mile river jaunt.

As I walked out the door I freaked out about not being warm enough, so I ended up changing into a long-sleeved shirt.

It was misty and wonderful during the run. There was no sunrise, which was surprisingly nice. Being near the water was calming and relaxing — the perfect way to kick off a new week.

As I’ve mentioned, my morning running route hasn’t changed much since the move. The only difference is that I start and finish at a different part in the route. I’ve quickly grown to love the part where I get to weave through Carl Schurz Park and past Gracie Mansion.

It’s really feeling like spring in the city, and best of all it smells like spring. There are flowers popping up everywhere!

Since the temperature is supposed to climb into the 70s today, I wanted to wear a dress. Obviously.

When do I not want to wear a dress?

Confession: The dress is too big on the sides and I have it “tailored” with safety pins.

Another confession: The safety pins aren’t even tucked neatly inside the dress. They’re on the outside. Completely visible.


Whew. Now that you know all about my life, there’s obviously stuff I want to know from you…

SO TELL ME: What’s your favorite thing about spring? Outdoor dining? Outdoor runs? Fresh flowers? Drinking in tank tops and flip flops?



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  1. I am SO jealous you have that dress! My friend in college had it and I borrowed it a few times and LOVED it. And I miss it. Haha!
    I LOVED today! Walking around on my lunch break from work was absolutely perfect -sun, cool breeze, flowers – couldn’t ask for more!

  2. Love the safety pin tailoring! I may or may not be known for hemming my pants with staples…and then taking them to the dry cleaner that way.

    Also, in your defense re: the race bib…it looks like you tried to line it up so that white line in the logo was straight on the horizontal (which you did!). It is totally the race’s fault for having an asymmetrical logo. As a Libra, I am sensitive to things that are out of balance — I would have done the same thing 😉

  3. Those things are ALL my favorite things! I just did my long run outside for the first time this weekend because it was so nice!! And now I’m going to take my doggie for a walk…that’s another fun thing I like to do!

  4. That race photo is gorgeous with all of the trees in the background. Nice!

    My warm weather favorites: wearing dresses to work and knowing that the school year is almost over (I’m a teacher, so I live for summer break!)

  5. I am just catching up on your posts from the weekend, and congrats on your awesome 10k finish time! Especially with how sick you have been feeling, that is awesome! I love your running shirt…where is it from?

    Ps- peace sign guy behind you- hilarious!

  6. What beautiful pictures! I’m still amazed that you can take pictures and carry a camera while you run…I don’t have the coordination or the patience! Love your dress – what a fun but also very classy spring outfit. My favorite part about spring in Boston is how the city just comes alive with people out with their kids and dogs all the time, all the flowers, the outdoor events (concerts, festivals, farmer’s markets, etc). Winter can make it so miserable to be outside that it’s so nice to really appreciate every minute spent outside!

  7. You seriously run in the most beautiful place!
    My favorite thing in the Spring is family bike rides down to the beach. I can’t wait to do that again!

  8. We had about 4 days of Spring. I enjoyed being able to leave the windows open through out the day, it was so nice. I also enjoyed a few days where running was pleasant. Now, we’ve entered summer and i’m enjoying laying out by the pool and going out on the boat.

  9. Lol at the safety pins. The dress I picked out to wear today is a bit shorter than I remember it being last year…in fact I’m pretty sure if I was still back in Catholic high school I’d be sitting in detention because my skirt is too short…good thing the office is mostly empty today.

  10. I loved running in the mist this morning, too! It was kinda finished by the time I headed out at 7, but it was kinda calming. I am so ready for spring to be here finally– my favorite is outdoor dining! I have been meaning to try Penelope, only have heard good things, particularly about the brunch!

  11. Sounds like you had a great weekend! Oh and the 10k, NICE! You are a good smile faker because you look like you’re on cloud 9! hahaha. Glad to see you’re in good spirits, hopefully that cold will dissappear soon.

    Oh and isn’t it glorious out! So it’s foggy as heck and my curly cues have taken on a frizzy look, it’s still getting warm and that makes me happy. Spring/summer in the city is the best!

  12. My favorite part.. picnics in the park! Breezy dresses. Seasonal fruits & veggies. I’m originally a California girl (where were spoiled because it’s always sunny) so have only begun to appreciate Spring now that I live in Amsterdam.

    Glocal Girl

  13. all of the above. outdoor drinking. balcony drinking. outdoor running followed by outdoor drinking. on a balcony. in a sundress and flipflops.

  14. Sometimes an overcast, misty morning is more relaxing and beautiful than a clear day. I love the picture of the river in the mist! Yay for spring!

  15. CUTE dress! I also tailor with safety pins! I actually decided to wear a maxi dress to a baby shower over the weekend and did a quick (crappy) hem job, because I realized my safety pins might not hold up. hehe!

  16. Sooo weird.. So after the race yesterday I met up with the boyfriend for a quick hello before heading back to Hoboken.. He lives on 30th between Lex and 3rd.. and when we walked by Penelope I said to him that girl looks so much like a girl who’s blog I read but I am not sure.. and it was YOU!!!

  17. Cute dress! LOVE the photo, amazing that you made it into those. I always wanted to! I love Penelope, it is so cute there. Also, you named the things I love about SUMMER in your question. My bare legs are actually cold today.

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