Coming Together, Falling Apart

My apartment is coming together really nicely!

Though simultaneously my body is falling apart.

I battled a sinus infection a few weeks ago, then got better just in time to run the National Half Marathon. Now I’m sick again, this time with a nasty nagging cough and overall head congestion.

I’ve tried taking Mucinex (gosh, so sexy) and Extra Strength Tylenol (which, in my opinion, cures everything), but neither seem to be doing much good. I’m thinking maybe it’s just seasonal allergies getting the best of me.

Yesterday after work I went to the New York Road Runners offices — conveniently located so close to my new apartment — to pick up all my goodies for tomorrow’s Scotland 10K race.

I’m not sure how much use I’ll get out of the beanie, but I love the T-shirt and the tote bag. Well done, Scotland!

I’m excited about the race because I’ve grown to love racing in general, but I obviously wish I was healthier for the occasion. My plan is to just enjoy the race and not shoot for a goal time. Since I’ve never done an official 10K, I’m going to PR no matter what! It’ll be fun to just relax and not kill myself trying to maintain an outrageous pace.

Today has been beautiful in NYC. I spent my morning in Central Park then enjoyed a sunny 3-ish mile run along the East River. I was way too hot in shorts and a long-sleeved shirt!

Now I’m relaxing and laying low — and planning to be in bed by 10 pm tonight!

I’ve had my windows open all afternoon, which may not be ideal if I am, in fact, dealing with seasonal allergies, but I couldn’t resist.

I’m happy that my apartment is really coming together and I can’t wait to have my parents here next week to help make it into more of a home. I still feel like it’s a bit like a college dorm.

Here’s how things are looking:

Last night I spent some time hanging clothes in my closet…

…and yet I still have piles of crap lovely clothes everywhere!

Tonight I plan on staying in, laying low, drinking a ton of water and carbo-loading for the big race tomorrow.

I will carbo-load for any occasion. A half marathon? Sure. A 5K? You bet. A walk to the grocery store? Yes, that also deserves carbs. Don’t ever get between me and a bread basket or a bowl of pasta.

LET ME KNOW: Who else is running the Scotland 10K tomorrow? I’m hoping to see lots of familiar faces out on the course!



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  1. Carbo-loading is appropriate any day of the week. Hope the race went well today and that we can plan a meet-up next time I’m in NYC!

  2. wow you really are my cousin…1st the same headphones and now the obsession with carbs…oh yeah and the gym and running obsession and the making list obsession…who taught us this craziness?

    1. I forgot about the cadbury eggs…I don’t know anybody else who likes them (yum) BTW your place looks awesome:)

  3. I love your little kitchen – my is lil like that too. I moved into a studio last April(with distinct “areas” like yours) – nice and cozy! It forces me to be clean, I can’t just close the bedroom door to conceal a mess. 🙂 I love that you are excited for your parents to help you decorate! I’m the same – nothing gets done in an apartment of mine until my parents come. Hanging curtains alone is no fun!

    Good luck tomorrow! I’m working on my race playlist now (I got a little sidetracked earlier 🙂 ) Hopefully we have good weather for our races in both Chicago and NYC!

  4. The apt looks great! Glad you’re getting (and feeling) more settled! Love all of your colorful hangers, too!

    Hope you feel better by tomorrow! I’m currently playlist planning and carb loading in anticipation of the race- woo! See you there?!

  5. I’m not running tomorrow since I’m working…oops? But I love all the gear! That tote bag is cute and I love when races give away usable things instead of just plastic bags.

    I’ll be interested to hear what you think about living in a studio…I’m thinking about moving from a two bedroom (with a roommate) to a studio (one bedrooms are WAY too expensive) when my lease is up, but the idea of just having one room kind of baffles me. But yours is looking super cute!

    Feel better soon! (Hopefully by morning!!)

    1. So far I love being in a studio! It’s pretty spacious so the “bedroom” and “living room” areas are somewhat distinct, but it’s definitely enough room for just me. Ideally I’d be in a one bedroom, but like you said, way too pricey!

  6. Your apartment is definitely coming along! It always takes me a while to get totally organized in a new place and make it feel homey. I feel like I always end up buying new things when I move, whether it’s lamps or curtains or things for the walls.
    Sorry to hear you’re feeling sick again though! Hope it doesn’t last too long. Good luck on the 10k – I really like that distance! 5k is too short for me, it feels like I’m working too hard 🙂

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