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I was a bad blogger this weekend! I only updated once — but now I’m back and ready to return to regular updates. Apologies for my absence.

If you’re just dying to know what I was up to all weekend, sorry, you’ll have to wait. Check back tonight for an update with some big news.

I can tell you a few things that I did yesterday, though, because my day was all about spending quality time with blogger buddies.

Despite the fact that I was running on about four hours of sleep (and 4+ glasses of wine from the night before), I was up bright and early yesterday to cheer on the lady runners at the MORE/Fitness Half Marathon in Central Park.

I knew Jess was going to be spectating from the top of the infamous Cat Hill, so I made my way up there to cheer with her. The runners were working hard to get up the hill — which they had to conquer twice during the race — but everyone had an awesome attitude and most runners were smiling, which I love.

Eventually we made our way toward the finish line to try to catch some blogger friends as they wrapped up the race.

We managed to see Theodora twice, both at the top of Cat Hill and at mile 13. She looked so strong and I was proud I actually got a photo of her.

On my way home, I also spotted Gabriela and Caitlin! It was fun walking with them for a bit and chatting. It’s crazy that I hadn’t met Gabriela in person until yesterday. Meeting bloggers is always hilarious because you creepily know so much about the person’s life anyway and sometimes it’s weird to admit that. I love it.

Congratulations to all of the other fabulous runners and bloggers out on the course yesterday.

My weekend wrapped up with a lovely dinner at Theodora’s apartment. She invited Gabriela, Tina, Heather and I over for some wine, bread, cheese and pasta. All my favorite things in one room? Yes please.

I’m no food blogger, so my pictures of the meal are nothing spectacular, but I can assure you the food was great!

I’ll have seconds of this, please. And thirds.

It was fun catching up with everyone, and you would think that since Tina, Gabriela and Theodora had all finished the half marathon that morning they’d be the stars of the show, right?


(Tina’s photo)

All of the attention was on this guy. Meet Bailey!

Theodora’s dog is so dang cute. I wanted to stay and pet him all night.

When dogs “give me a paw,” it makes me melt.

All in all it was a great night and a productive weekend (yeah, yeah, I’ll tell you about the rest later).

This morning I was back into my regular routine. I ran four miles along the river and felt a bit sluggish. I think a running rest day is in my very near future!

As for an outfit? I haven’t decided yet if I like today’s getup or not…

Eventually I plan on cleaning out my closet so I can get rid of some stuff — clutter makes me anxious. I think this top might go into the discard pile. We’ll see.

Time to kick this day into gear. Have a great Monday, everyone!

NOW LET’S TALK: Have you met any blogger friends in person? Were they different from what you had expected? I always love meeting bloggers because you get to hear their voices!



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  1. I have yet to meet any other bloggers. It makes me so nervous for some reason!

    I love your skirt so much and I hope it was a recent purchase so I can maybe find it too 😉 Where is it from?

  2. Cat Hill can be torture; so great of you to be at the top cheering on the runners! I’m not really a dog person, but that dog is SO adorable!!
    I’ve met a few bloggers in person, but there are others I still want to meet. It’s fun, but you’re right, a little creepy and awkward at first!

  3. Fun times in NYC this weekend! It’s getting me super excited for a June weekend in the city. It’s so fun to meet bloggers. I think I must be super nosy, but I just love meeting new people and listening to their stories. Some of my best friends were met through blogging. It’s a great way to connect.

  4. Hi lady friend! It’s Theo’s friend Tamsin that you met in DC the other week… Durr!

    I think your top is super cute! If you’re looking to get rid of stuff, something my friends and I do every spring and fall, we get together for a potluck and a clothing swap. We bring all the clothes we want to get rid of, and get “new” things from everyone else’s castoffs, all while eating glorious food. It’s super fun, and we give away all the clothing leftovers to Goodwill. I’ve gotten great cardigans, purses and even a Snuggie from these get togethers. In a URL, it’s the bomb dot com.

    PS… I just thought I’d let you know, in my head, Ali is short for Aliana, even though I know that’s not actually your name. I have no idea why I assigned you that name, but there it is. Hope you’re having a wonderful Monday!

  5. It was such a treat meeting you. I know just what you mean about knowing stuff about a virtual stranger, but I’ve never been creeped out so I just assume others won’t either. 🙂

  6. I haven’t gotten to meet any bloggers yet, but I have been thinking about what I would say or do if I ever met anyone in person! I think I’m really awkward when I first meet somebody, and I have a really high pitched voice…so it’d probably be weird for whoever I was meeting!
    BTW…I love that skirt and those shoes…you are adorable!

  7. I loved hanging out with you last night!! Definitely needs to happen again. I’m thinking next time there should be more beverages involved, though 😉 Also, I really like the “they all finished the half marathon” touch. Shame some loser made it so that you couldn’t say “ran”…

    1. Ahem! There will be NO loser talk here, Ms. Gabriela! You are awesome. Ran/walked, I don’t care — it’s more than I did yesterday (and more than most people will do EVER).

      Yup, drinks soon. So many drinks soon. 🙂

  8. I love the flouncy-ness of the skirt – and the shirt looks good! The whole outfit has a great silhouette. I met a couple bloggers at Refine and it was really neat – I agree about the voice thing – it’s always cool to hear a real voice (expecially if there’s an accent) after reading the “writer’s voice”.

  9. What a fun weekend (well, the parts that you’ve told us about so far!!) I love meeting other bloggers, too! I actually met some of my good friends through blogging (in a roundabout way).

  10. your voice was totally deeper than I imagined. Same with Caitlin.

    I am jealous of your bread, pasta, cheese and wine night. Those four things are the pillars of my heaven.

  11. Yup, I’ve met quite a few blogger friends in person and many of them are really good friends of mine now! It was fun meeting you in person last weekend, although it was brief in that crazy setting!

  12. You look so cute in every pic! Glad you had such a great time with blogger friends this weekend. And I really like your outfit today.

  13. I have met one blogger IRL; We are pretty good friends and we run together some what regularly. I know there are quite a few bloggers in the Tampa area so maybe one day I’ll meet more of them!

    Glad you had a good weekend 🙂

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