Sweet Sentiments In Central Park

Happy Saturday!

I’ve divulged my love for Central Park many times, and if you’re sick of it, I’m sorry, because here I go again.

Today I was up at 6 am — I’m in the midst of an exceptionally busy weekend — in order to get a run in. It was weird not doing a double digit run (though, admittedly, I would have loved to if time permitted) since my next half marathon isn’t until May.

The park was fairly quiet, although there was a bike race going on.

The bikers were so fast — and I caught them at the top of Cat Hill!

My run was everything I wanted it to be: quiet, relaxing and comfortable.

I ran without a watch so I’m not sure of my final distance (I think I came in somewhere around 7.5 miles), and I even sprinted Central Park South in order to get some speedwork in! I had fun seeing how fast I could go and look forward to adding more speed to my regular training.

At one point I stopped in the middle of the 72nd Street crossover so I could use a bench to do a series of tricep dips (my favorite). I noticed the engravings on the benches and was swooning like a schoolgirl at a Justice Beaver concert. (“The Office,” anyone? Get the reference?)

I wish they were dated so I could know when they were engraved! So adorable. I couldn’t stop smiling.

OK, I have to get back to my crazy day now, but I promise [to try] to return tomorrow with an update on what I’ve been up to. Big news coming your way soon…

Have a great weekend!



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  1. This is so sweet! It makes me so happy to know people read these plaques.

    I used to run a dedication program at a very similar NYC institution, and it was one of the hardest but most rewarding things I’ve done. It made people so happy to be able to remember their loved ones in a place that was special. Some of the stories were tragic (a Chinese couple who wanted to dedicate something in memory of their only children, two sons who had both come to the US as young adults and tragically both died in separate incidents — it breaks my heart just thinking about it), but many were simply loving tributes.

    My favorite plaque had a simple inscription:


    Not a bad way to be remembered….

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