To Do List Fail

Soooo remember this morning when I posted about how it was going to be such a great day? Well, it was. No argument there.

But remember how I went on to list five things I really wanted to make sure I accomplished over the course of this fabulous Wednesday?

Um. I didn’t do so well on my list… Oops.

I said that I wanted to clean my office. Grade = Incomplete.

I got about halfway through this before getting completely swamped. I’ll finish this task tomorrow. Not a huge deal. I did do some serious Lysol wiping though, and hung new pictures, which makes me happy.

Love a good inspiration wall

I said I wanted to go for a walk. Grade = Fail.

As predicted, I ate my lunch while sitting in front of my computer, and I failed to take a few minutes to go for a walk during the workday. Bummer, especially since the weather is going to be nasty for the rest of the week.

I said I would go to my favorite spinning class. Grade = A+

Yeah there was no way I was missing this one. Wednesday spin is my favorite and today was no exception. I did some strength training before class, including leg work, tricep dips, abs and foam rolling.

Also, can I get extra credit for writing about spinning? Check out my latest post over at NBC New York. It’s all about how I fell in love with the stationary bike!

That's right. I'm a spin-a-holic.

I said I would do laundry. Grade = Fail.

I’ll do it tomorrow. Not a big deal.

I said I would engage in a random act of kindness. Grade = Fail.

I’m pretty disappointed in myself for not making this a priority. Despite the fact that my day got completely crazy, I wish I had done just one nice thing for someone else.

Luckily tomorrow is a new day, and I plan to write a new To Do list in the morning.

For now, I’m exhausted and ready for bed. This week has been pretty heavy on the workouts and pretty lackluster on the sleep front. I’m hoping to be asleep by 11 tonight and I’m really hoping it’s not snowing when I wake up!

Sweet dreams, friends!



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  1. You’re pretty much a celebrity. A bad ass, fast running celebrity. Next time you come to DC please come to my spinning class. I’m pretty sure you would be down with it.

  2. Your post, which made me smile when I was feeling down, certainly feels like an act of kindness… so correct that and have a great evening!

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