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Mondays in general aren’t necessarily the most fun days. But Mondays following awesome long weekends are particularly rough. I’d much rather be sitting on my couch catching up on missed DVR (while wearing my new race medal, of course) than sitting at the office. Oh well!

If you’re getting caught up, here’s what you missed over the weekend:

Now I’m back in NYC still riding high after the incredible race.

I was hoping to get to bed early last night but of course that didn’t happen. I did eat some delicious cake from Tony’s that was waiting for me in the refrigerator though!

If that’s not the best way to celebrate a new PR, I don’t know what is.

Still I woke up at 5:30 this morning to get a shake out run in. These runs are important because they keep the lactic acid in your legs moving, which helps ward off soreness.

And trust, I’m sore. The hilly course attacked my quads and hamstrings and it felt great to get in a 3-mile run at a very comfortable, conversational pace.

Also, it was really cold this morning. Like, 27 degrees cold… I had to bust out all my winter running gear again.

I was happy to get my legs moving and did lots of foam rolling when I got back to the apartment. I listened to my playlist from this weekend and was grinning like a nerd during the entire run.

As I love traveling, I do like getting back into my regular routine once I return. It felt good to wake up early this morning and I’m looking forward to a week of relative normalcy that will include lots of quality time at the gym and even more quality time with good friends.

I wasn’t planning to post today’s outfit because it’s laaaaame (jeans and a T-shirt, solid effort, Ali), but when I don’t post them I get emails wondering if I got dressed today (no joke). So here you go:

I WANT TO KNOW: How do you re-adjust when you return from a trip? Do you enjoy getting back to reality or do you have a hard time settling in?



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  1. having just returned from a trip myself, I’m feeling the same way. I miss the experience, and tend to look at pictures a lot the first few days back. However, I try to focus on what I’m thankful for in life (see my post for today!), and getting back to my routine. Sometimes I don’t love my routine when I get back, and remind myself that within a few days I’ll enjoy it once again!

  2. Travel always makes me out of sorts for a few days. Totally worth it though for a kickass PR!! I celebrated with beer, pancakes, cookies, wine, mexican food and margaritas (in that order) on Saturday. Fun!

  3. Getting out of routine is one of the main reasons I don’t like to travel too much. I usually need Sunday to get everything ready for the week, go to bed early, etc. Not having that full day gets my week off to a tough start. I’m definitely a creature of habit!

    PS – that cake looks AMAZING.

  4. First, CONGRATS on your amazing PR! I love that your time is a full 30 minutes faster than my half marathon PR. You are incredible. So fast! You still look cuter than me today. OMG THAT CAKE. Looks perfect. Today was so cold, I couldn’t even walk to work. It hurt!

  5. Congratulations on your race!! I just got back yesterday from a work conference and I definitely have a hard time adjusting after traveling, mostly because I just want to be lazy when I get home which means I don’t unpack for 2-3 days and start running out of clothes because I haven’t done laundry 🙂

  6. That is awesome that you get e-mails asking if you got dressed today! I like the outfit, cute & simple.. that’s my kind of style. Although, I do like most of your outfits, I have a hard time thinking I would look okay in a similar outfit.

    Congrats again on that rockin’ PR!! I can’t believe you were worried about breaking 2hrs. You annihilated the 2 hr mark!

    I have a hard time readjusting to “normal” life after a long weekend. I normally need a day to recover from my “vacation.” I never take that extra day off, but my work day is usually less than successful.

  7. cake is definitely the best way to celebrate a PR. i wanted to celebrate mine with pancakes on sunday morning and somehow we ended up at a place that didn’t serve them. big fail.

    CONGRATS AGAIN! I’m so happy we met! Anyone who will race 13.1 miles in bootylicious shorts and leg warmers is destined to be my friend.

  8. Congratulations on your PR, Ali!!! I’m about to go read your recap post. I wish I had been able to do that race – it looks like so many people had such a great time! The piece of cheesecake looks like the perfect way to celebrate 🙂 Congrats again and I hope you get to relax and catch up on your DVR tonight!

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