National Half Marathon Playlist

Greetings from the interstate!

I’m currently on a BoltBus with Ashley and Theodora headed for D.C. The plan once we get there? Run 13.1 miles.

Our bus is packed with fellow runners, some of which are running the National 1/2 Marathon, some of which are going for the full marathon and one guy who is going to Virginia to run an ultramarathon.

Needless to say this is one badass bus.

As promised, here’s the music that’ll be getting me through some serious mileage tomorrow. There’s a mix of new songs, old favorites and must-haves (ahem, “Womanizer”).

The wireless on the bus is pretty rough, so I’ll update later on when I’m at the hotel and sufficiently carbo-loaded.

TELL ME: Are you racing this weekend? Tell me about it!



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  1. Yep, running (corral 7 – grey)! And I totally saw you at the expo today. I should have said hi, but didn’t want to seem like a creepo stalker… and I was in a bit of a rush… got sucked in by all the cheap running gear that I lost track of time! Good luck tomorrow!

  2. Great playlist! We have a lot of the same music! Including Hannah Montana! Lol! Question for you: Do you play your music on shuffle or did you plan for certain songs to come on at certain points in the race?

  3. looks like a pretty great playlist. A few of those were on my list for my half last Sunday. Good Luck tomorrow. I’m sure you are going to do great!

    No racing for me this weekend. I’m still recovering from last weeks half. I feel super lame saying that, but it is what it is. I’m going kayaking this weekend. That should be interesting, to say the least.

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