A Star-Studded Evening on Broadway

If you take one thing away from this post let it be my strong recommendation to go see The Book of Mormon on Broadway.

The marquee

I was beyond excited when my friend Alex invited me as her Plus One to opening night of this much-hyped show. Her fiance is one of a stage manager, so we got hooked up with great seats (first row of the balcony!).

The stage, pre-curtain up

Naturally I arrived early, which gave me plenty of time to people watch. The stars were out in full force tonight! I was pumped to see Bill Hader and Jack McBrayer right when I arrived.

Look! It's Kenneth the Page!
Uh oh — Did he just catch me being a creeper?

From our seats, we had a perfect view of Bill Hader and Paul Rudd (didn’t get a photo of him, sorry) and they were both loving the show.

At intermission, I bumped into Jack McBrayer — literally. Like bumped into someone, turned around to apologize, then saw who it was. Sorry, Kenneth.


Other celebrities in attendance included David Hyde Pierce, Lin-Manuel Miranda (who created In The Heights and is a Broadway superstar — I geek out every time I see him) and the old lady from The Notebook (who was seated in our row!).

So here’s the thing about the show: It’s really funny, but you have to have a thick skin to take it in. If you’re easily offended or you can’t stomach rough language, this show isn’t for you. The show blatantly mocks everything about the Mormon religion, so just keep that in mind.

The show is written by Matt Stone and Trey Parker, the creators of “South Park.” Therefore it’s pretty raunchy, but also completely hilarious.

I was actually standing outside the theater before the show started and was standing right next to both guys. I had no idea who they were until people started taking pictures of them and congratulating them. Oops.

Matt Stone after the show — he was glowing!

I already want to see the show again. The crowd was roaring the whole time and I continuously scream-laughed at every single joke. I must say, the perfect way to end the day is with sore cheeks from smiling so hard!

Me and Alex after the show

Of course, I’m not smiling so much now, because I have to pack for D.C.

I’m not a fan of packing, mostly because I just pack everything I own, then complain that my bag is too heavy to carry around. For now, all of my electronics are in their respective charging stations…

Getting the camera ready
...and getting the Garmin ready

The bus to D.C. leaves bright and early at 8:30 tomorrow morning. Off to eat a snack (carb loading, people, get on board!), pack some more then get to sleep.

See you in the nation’s capitol!



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  1. Total six degrees from fame moment, but my husband went to the same high school as Matt Stone, a few years apart…but that’s beside the point 😉

  2. Ah! Between your post and the review this morning in the New York Times, I’m dying to see this now!! Glad you enjoyed! (and how cool, opening night!!!!)

    Good luck this weekend! You’ll rock it! Can’t wait for the updates!!

  3. i’ll add this show to the growing list of things i need to see on broadway. =]
    you will rock it for sure. i know it.

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