Thankful Things Thursday: Rest Edition


I didn’t post last night. My bad. But I’m alive, so allow me to fill you in with some updates.

As you know, I’ve been feeling sick all week. I was a little paranoid I might have strep throat, so I went to the doctor yesterday for some reassurance (I always think I have strep and I don’t think I’ve ever actually had it).

"The doctor will be right in" = Wait here for 20 minutes & play on your phone

My doctor did a strep test, which came back negative. High five! She said my ears are clogged and my throat is red — actually, she said my “tonsils” look irritated, which is hilarious since I had them removed when I was six.

The verdict: sinus infection. She gave me antibiotics but I’m trying to see if I can get better without them. My body never reacts well to antibiotics, so we’ll see what happens. In the meantime, I’m drinking lots of tea out of pretty cups.

A gift from a coworker. Very adorable.
I'm not normally a tea drinker, but this hit the spot.

As you know, it’s Thankful Things Thursday. Today I’m highlighting one thing in particular that I’m thankful for…

I’m thankful that I didn’t work out yesterday.

I’ve talked a lot lately about finding balance and chilling out on the workout front a bit. As I’ve always said, I work out because I love it. Wednesday night is my favorite spin class of the week. I was dying to go. But deep down I knew that was a bad idea. Any other time I may have pushed it, but with the National 1/2 Marathon just a week away (!!!) I know I need to be extra mindful of my body. I really don’t want to be sick when I run in D.C.

I’m proud of myself for actually taking some time to rest and though I don’t feel any better today (ugh) I did also sleep in this morning instead of running. Despite the fact that it’s a completely beautiful day, especially for a runner.

So there you go: I’m thankful I’m getting better at resting.

I know it can be so hard to give yourself a break sometimes — trust me, I’m the biggest offender when it comes to overworking my body — and it’s especially hard when you read tons of blogs where it seems like no one takes any time to rest.

More on that topic another time.

In outfit news, I’m obviously wearing green today. Growing up with a schoolteacher mom, I learned early on that you always dress for the appropriate holidays. My mom sends me socks for every Valentine’s Day, Easter, Christmas, Hanukkah, etc.

St. Patrick's Day socks!

Fun fact: I always fold the tops of my socks down. I don’t like the creases the little lines leave on my legs.

Thank you, Mom, for always making sure I’m festive.

The rest of my outfit is boring because most of my green items are Dry Fit ones. I also have a green shirt that says “I Love Guacamole,” but that’s for another holiday.

With blazer
Sans blazer

And a green bracelet, of course.


  1. What are you thankful for today?
  2. Are you celebrating St. Patrick’s Day? How?


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  1. I love your socks! I’m thankful tomorrow is Friday…it’s been a long week. I’m meeting some friends tonight to celebrate – hopefully it is a pub…I’m not a beer drinker but I could go for some baked potato or potato leek soup!

  2. So glad you’re learning to listen when your body yells “rest!” It’s SO hard to overcome, but you’re doing it! I’m only now just getting good at the whole rest/balance thing, took me eons. Worth it in the long-run though. Treat that body well! Get better soon!

  3. I’m thankful that I’m over the flu, finally! (but sorry to see you’re sick 🙁 )

    I’m not celebrating St. Patty’s tonight – I can’t handle school night drinking. I get nothing done at work when I’m hungover!

  4. In reference to what your Dr. said regarding your tonsils; it is possible for them to grow back. When you had your surgery, if the Surgeon left a small part of the tonsils/adenoids there, they can grow back. You can google it. There are several articles about it.

    Glad to hear you don’t have strep, but sinus infections are no fun either.

    This might be kinda creepy, but, yesterday when I went shopping for new work clothes I was trying to picture outfits I’ve seen on your blog. 🙂

  5. I don’t celebrate it since I’m not Irish. But I’ve dubbed it “culture day”, so I appreciate things in my own cultures:) It’s great.

    I used to be on medicine more months of the year then not for sinus infections until almost 4 years ago, when I found “my little lifesaver”. After a decade and a half of being on series after series of meds, I tried this, and haven’t had a single sinus infection yet! It’s cheap & really great for you. In fact, many doctors are requiring people to use this, as often the meds don’t work well without it. Here’s the link:

  6. Sinus infections are the worst. I would definitely take the meds, though. On the off chance that the infection gets worse (and it will if you try to run before it’s completely gone), you’re gonna miss the race.

  7. Glad you don’t have strep, but sinus infections are no fun either! I wonder if your tonsils have grown back some? I’ve heard that can happen. I had mine removed two weeks ago, incidentally. 😉

    I’m way into holiday socks. My husband loves to buy them for me, too, which I think is cute. I love yours!!!

  8. First off, I love that mug and cute-shaped tea bag! I got an awful sinus infection the week before the NYC Half-Marathon last year and was on meds and barely ran the week of… by race day my body was healed and realllllly well-rested, so I’m glad you’re taking it easy this week and giving yourself a chance to fight off the infection. You’ll be thankful on race day, as much as it’s frustrating now 🙂

    Today I am thankful for sleeping in, a gorgeous sunny day, and running and going to a pilates class with my friend after work! I am not really celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, but did a few weeks ago in Hoboken for an all-day drink fest!

  9. smart girl! im glad you rested. you want to be 100 percent for next weekend!

    im thankful i have a coworker who has brought in multiple kinds of baked goods this week.

    i am celebrating st patricks day with a st patricks day run through the Irish sites in DC followed by drinks with my running friends!

  10. I love those socks!!! So adorbs.
    Missed you at spin yesterday, but glad you got some rest. John was teaching and I totally heart him.
    Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  11. I have a green shirt that says “Southern Comfort.” But I am purposely not wearing green today (I own a lot of green clothing) because I am a grinch.

    As for your doctor’s comment on your tonsils… I think you need to find a new doctor. That is egregious! Did you correct her? What did she say?

    I have that same mug with a D!

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