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Well, it happened. I woke up sick this morning.

It’s nothing I can’t beat — just a cold right now — but it’s still inconvenient.

I got to bed early and passed out hard, but I was tossing and turning all night. I was sweating one hour and freezing the next. You know the feeling.

I had plans to run in Central Park this morning, but when my alarm went off at 5:30 I knew that wasn’t a great idea. I re-set the alarm for 5:45, thinking maybe by then my sore throat would settle.

No such luck.

Sleeping in for the win.

Where I'd like to be right now...

I’m proud of myself for making the right call and not forcing myself to run — which is probably what I would have done a few months ago. From the neck down, my body feels fine. But between the sore throat, achy ears and overall head bluriness, I knew sleep was the best option. If I feel better later I can still get a run in tonight (since it’ll be light out!), but the extra sleep was necessary this morning.

I know I preach all the time about not dressing for the weather — if it’s raining, you can still look cute. But I’m a firm believer that if you feel like crap, it’s OK to look like crap.

Today’s outfit is simple: baggy jeans, a tank top and a short-sleeved cardigan.


I also brought a cozy sweatshirt with me to the office and will probably be throwing that on later if these chills continue.

So that’s me in a nutshell today! I wish I could have called in sick to work and taken the day to rest, but that’s not an option since it’s one of our super busy weeks.

The upside: I’d rather be sick now than be sick next week when I’m in DC!

See? There’s always an upside!

HELP A GIRL OUT: What are your best cold remedies? I rested this morning, which I know will help, and I have some Extra Strength Tylenol in my purse if I need it. I plan on drinking tons of water all day and I brought plain foods to get me through the day, like a peanut butter sandwich and an apple.



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  1. Ah I was sick with a cold last week, it’s that time of year! I recommend working from home for a few days and taking some time to physically and mentally relax.

    Eating lots of fruits/veggies also never hurts and if you’re not exhausted, light exercise always makes me feels good. Running cleans out the sinuses too!

    Hope you wake up feeling better!

  2. I had a sore throat/cold thing going on not to long ago and I drank Thera-flu like it was my job. I also took nyquil at night to help me sleep, bc my throat was so sore it was keeping me up. I also drank a lot of honey/lemon tea.

  3. I’m glad you chose to listen to your body and sleep instead of forcing yourself outside. When it comes to colds, I’m all about drinking tea, resting, and using a nasal rinse to help decrease pressure and reduce the chances of getting a sinus infection.

  4. I woke up with a bit of a cold too! So annoying. I chug Emergen-C all day long at work and maybe stop for some green juice if I have time during the workday. I also don’t always like to rely on DayQuil, but it can really help ease symptoms while my body heals. Feel better!

  5. Agreed – you still look too cute 🙂

    Citrus! I housed a box of clementines while sick earlier this year and think it helped. Also tea of course. Maybe a day off??

  6. You might want to read Lauren Fleshman’s 2/19/11 post about running while sick– (If you don’t read her blog already, I highly recommend it.)

    I don’t know of any magic cold remedies, but I do think that with your half-marathon debut coming up real soon, getting rid of the bug should be the #1 priority. In the last two weeks before a race, there’s really not much you can add that will benefit your body in terms of training. There’s more downside than upside at this point, so now you can enjoy the tapering phase–your reward for all the hard work you’ve put in and one of keys to unlocking your potential in the race. If downshifting the running & cross-training makes you a bit antsy between now and race day, just think of that pent-up energy as extra fuel for those last few miles of the race. Get well, and good luck!

  7. Netti Pot before bed. It’s kinda weird to use at first, but it helps my sinuses, which helps me fall asleep when I’m all stuffy! It was my best friend last week! I also like the Whole Foods brand (365?) electrolyte enhanced water. I usually don’t have an appetite when I’m sick, so it’s easy to drink just water!

  8. Wah! Feel better! I usually boil ginger in water and drink it. I don’t know what it exactly does, but in my mind it’s a good home remedy.

  9. Definitely rest, drink tea, eat a LOT of veggies, and stay hydrated!
    When I got sick last month (first time in 5 years), Zicam helped me get over my cold quicker. It was pretty much the only thing that worked.
    You definitely don’t look like crap, you look cute!

  10. Feel better! Tea, Vitamin C & Chicken Soup are my go-to’s…sometimes I’ll treat myself to a 10 min massage @ a nearby nail salon…sometimes worth it to make the achy body feel better for a bit 🙂

  11. I chug tea ALL DAY when I’m sick. It doesn’t actually make me feel better, but it’s comforting and keeps me warm!!

    And if that’s your idea of a crap outfit, you need to see me when I’m sick 🙂 Juicy sweats circa 2003 and my boyfriend’s huge sweatshirt, with sneakers and unwashed hair. Not cute.

  12. And yet you still look adorable.

    Don’t run later, please rest. Your body needs to use its resources to fight this cold early, not to pump blood through your muscles during the run.

    I am a fan of Cold-EEZE and green juice to help fight the cold!

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