The Monday Rundown

Today flew by. Here’s what I remember happening…

1. Work was ridiculously busy, a little bit stressful and very productive. I love when you can leave at the end of the day knowing you crossed a bunch of things off your To Do list.

2. My lunch was boring (Lean Cuisine Garlic Chicken Pizza), but my dessert was awesome.

It's Easter Season!!!

Cadbury Mini Eggs are the best. My mom has been putting them in my Easter Basket for as long as I can remember, and they were always the first thing I’d pick out of the basket. My college roommate was obsessed, so it’s safe to say I’ve never gone through an Easter Season feeling devoid of this delicious little treat.

Adorable & tasty

3. I had a great post-work workout. I took Chisel, which involved a lot of glute and ab work — always a favorite of mine. Then I stuck around for Spinning with my favorite instructor. My stomach felt wonky all day, so I toyed with the idea of blowing off the second class. But then I remembered that a good cardio workout usually makes me feel better. (Turns out, those weren’t Crohn’s pains — just girly ones. I’m a wuss.) Melinda’s energy in class was contagious and I was grinning the entire time. She’s a maniac, and I felt like one, too.

4. My dinner was boring (pasta), but my appetizer was exactly what I was craving… Grapes!

Not necessarily in season, but still ripe and yummy

5. I have big plans for tonight. I want to cross one more thing off my massive To Do list, then I want to get to bed early. I woke up this morning with a sore throat and I’m not really sure if it’s from sleeping with the window open or if it’s an oncoming cold. Whatever it is, I’m going to do my best to fight it off!

SOMETHING I WANT TO KNOW: I asked a few weeks ago, and now I’m getting ready to actually put together my list of “Frequently Asked Questions” for the blog. If there’s anything you want to know — like if I ever get caught taking photos of myself in the office bathroom (answer: yes) — let me know! You can leave your answer in the comments or email me at aliontherunblog at gmail dot com.



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  1. Hi Ali! So cliche…but long-time reader*** first-time commenter! You are such a shining light and really brighten my day with your positive posts and you are just SO dang cute!!!:) (I love that you include fashion in your posts–it makes me look at my oh-so-boring closet in a new light). Your runs inspire me and I am running my first half-marathon in Lincoln, NE (so far away from you in NY!!!) this Spring and I just wanted to say you are fabulous and I love reading your realistic journey and really appreciate you! Thank you for being so wonderful and for writing about the good times and the bad=which is life.

    Hope you have a great night and know that you are such a positive role model among women everywhere!!!!:) Thanks for being YOU!

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