Running, Brunch & My Best Friend

Happy Sunday!

A lot of people don’t like Sundays because they see it as the end of the weekend. But I don’t mind Sundays. I never do my long runs on Sundays, so my day is usually pretty wide open.

Today’s agenda included a short recovery run, a blogger brunch and errand-running. Allow me to provide more details…

First of all, Daylight Savings Time confuses the heck out of me. I wasn’t sure if the iPhone was going to automatically adjust to the change, so I set alarms for 7 am and 8 am. When the first one went off, I turned the TV on, saw that it was, in fact, 7 am, and went back to sleep for another hour. ‘Twas glorious!

I got up, stretched a bit, then headed outside (in shorts!) for a 3-mile run. I kept my pace very easy and even chatted with my mom on the phone for a bit while I ran. I stuck to the East River path, which was pretty as always.

Never a bad photo of this view

Toward the end of the run I stopped to do 100 tricep dips on a park bench, then incline 25 push-ups. (Honestly, I could have done more push-ups, but I got bored.)

Next on the agenda: blogger brunch!

Ashley was kind enough to host another brunch — sponsored by Eggland’s Best — for bloggers, readers and friends. I love going to Ashley’s apartment because it’s located in one of my favorite areas of NYC, close to both Madison Square Park and Union Square. Naturally I was super early getting downtown, so I strolled through Madison Square Park and checked out the puppies.

Look at this little guy!

Yup. I’m the creep who pretends to be texting but is really taking a photo of your dog. Beware Sketchy Ali.

Brunch, as could be expected, was great. Ashley cooked up some awesome food and I got to see old blog friends and make new ones.

The amazing spread
Taking food photos. Obviously.
This was filled with awesome vegetables. I ate a ton of it.
Amazing muffins by Caitlin. I ate three today.
The aftermath

Thank you, Eggland’s Best, for sponsoring the fabulous event. We all like Eggy.

Melissa and Eggy

And thank you, Ashley, for a wonderful morning!

The lovely hostess!

After brunch, I had plenty of errands to run, including a trip to Whole Foods, which was surprisingly un-crowded for a Sunday afternoon.

Whole Foods Union Square

I stocked up on my favorite goodies including trail mix supplies, Larabars and cereal. Then I said goodbye to Union Square…

Union Square

…and headed back uptown.

Then I talked to my very best friend (since we were four years old!), who lives in Charlotte, NC, and had just returned from a cruise with her boyfriend.

Well, he was her boyfriend when they embarked on the cruise.


I am seriously so so so so so so so so excited for the two of them. They’re amazing together and I cried when I got the news.

The happy couple!

She’s teeny tiny and he’s very tall. Together they’re awesome.

Obviously I teared up even more when she asked me to be her Maid of Honor. We basically told each other when we were six that someday we’d be each other’s Maid(s) of Honor, but today it really happened, and I cannot wait to help her with all the planning (and dress shopping! and bachelorette party planning!) that goes along with being part of the wedding.

I still have more errands to run, but I’m on cloud nine for my best friend, so my piles of laundry can wait.

TELL ME: Have you ever been a Maid of Honor? Start telling me everything I need to know to be awesome at the job!



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  1. I recommend watching “Made of Honor”…..Patrick Dempsey does a great job describing the duties of a great MOH….!

  2. Is it weird that I get SO excited when you mention me in your blog? Haha. I got excited to see my card made the post last week haha. No matter what you do you will be an amazing MOH, just having you there is all I need! 🙂 My only request is a bachelorette party involving a beach and Mojitos haha. I love you and am so excited for you to be a part of me and John’s wedding!!

  3. Congrats to them! I’m a MOH for my sisters upcoming wedding, really excited to start planning the bachelorette party, but no idea otherwise what makes a good one. Maybe just being as involved as you can.

  4. Wow girl, I can barely do 10 “assisted” pushups! You’re awesome! And congrats on being a MOH!! That’s so wonderful 🙂

  5. Congrats to your friend! (And to you on the MoH gig!) What an exciting time!! Also, SO great meeting you today!! (And thanks for the fun candid pics of the event….[the side of my head looks just lovely, if I may say so myself 😉 ])

  6. Congrats on the Maid of Honor gig!! I have been a MOH a few years ago for my BFF from kindergarden and this year she will be mine! From the brides point of view, I think your biggest duty will be to make sure she is having fun and does not sweat the small stuff. She should not know about the little details that are going wrong, you take care of them!! It makes a world of difference not to know about these things 🙂 Enjoy this time!!

  7. How Exciting for your friend and for you to be the maid of honor! I’ve never been but my best friend from college just got engaged and asked me to be a bridesmaid, I’m elated to stand on the altar with her on her big day!

  8. SO fun! I’m doing my first MOH duty this May and I couldn’t be more excited. Not at all sure what I’m supposed to do but I’m pretty sure the wedding is going to be super awesome no matter what.

    Sounds like the perfect perfect perfect Sunday!

  9. I set my alarm for 7:45 and 8:45 to make sure that I would get up on time. My phone also automatically adjusted, so i got the extra sleep in hour too:) SO FUN!

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