Farewell, February

Sure it’s a short month, but I can’t believe we’re already headed into March. Totally fine with that, since I equate March with the start of spring!

I watched some of the Academy Awards last night. I’m not a huge award show person, but ABS had them on so I tried to get interested. I had seen Black Swan, The Fighter and The Social Network, so I at least had some clue what was going on with all the references and nominees. I thought all of the big winners were deserving, though I would have loved to see The Social Network take home Best Picture (admittedly, I didn’t see The King’s Speech, which I’m sure is wonderful).

Honestly, the only part of award shows I care about is the red carpet. Anyone else?

Just catching up? Here’s what else I did this weekend:

Onto today…

It’s an icky day in NYC — rain, again. But that’s also fine with me, since I had planned a running rest day anyway. I was still up at 5:30 am and couldn’t fall back asleep, so I used the extra morning time to be productive at the apartment.

In typical “make the best of it” fashion, I decided not to succumb to the weather and instead chose a hot pink floral ensemble.

"On MONDAYS we wear pink!"

The hairstyle = mini French braids in front pulled back into a ponytail. In other words: too lazy to blow dry.

Too close! Too close!

I know, I know: I have awful dark circles under my eyes. I don’t sleep enough, nor do I invest in good makeup.

Coming up today:

  • Work
  • A lunchtime trip to Whole Foods
  • Hopefully making it to the gym tonight in time for Chisel and Spinning

LET’S PLAY A GAME: If you could live anywhere, where would you want to go? Let’s say you have no ties to your current home. You can go anywhere. Tell me where you’d want to live and why.




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  1. I have wanted to live in NYC my whole life, and for the past 7 years I have been living my dream! I think I will always come back to New York, but at some point I would like to:

    Live in LA — I am the opposite of a Cali girl, but I could deal with the incredible weather, access to amazing beaches, and maybe even living in a house (not a studio apt) for a bit.

    Live in Orlando — my dream job is here, and I hope I have the opportunity to pursue it one day.

    Also, you look great as always! Sleep is overrated, so I turn to cosmetic help when I have those pesky dark circles. Next time you’re in Sephora, check out Amazing Concealer (Amazing is the brand name — truth in advertising for sure!). The small size tube is plenty, and it seriously just erases the circles.

  2. For a while I thought you didn’t make it to Chisel! But I was just hiding behind that huge pillar and I couldn’t see you! I’m planning on taking spin on Wednesday so hopefully we’ll get a chance to catch up then. =]

  3. Counting college, I’ve been in New York for almost six years now and I am soooo ready to ditch the city this year. At the moment, I’m itching to move back down South, either to Nashville (because I <3 country music and would love to land a media job covering it) or Houston, because it's where I'm from and I miss it a lot. (My dad moved us to Oregon right before high school. That one I don't miss at all.)

  4. I use Bobbi Brown’s Corrector under my eyes and it’s AMAZING. I generally just wear it and mascara, and that’s all. You have to go to certain stores to get it, like some Sephoras, Macy’s, Saks, etc. It’s a little pricey (around $20) but it lasts forever and it’s SO worth it.

  5. If I could go anywhere, I’d love to live in Greece for awhile. The country and history are so fabulous, and the weather isn’t too bad either.
    I LOVE the academy awards! The Social Network was wonderful (as was inception!), and before this weekend I was hoping one of them would win. However, I saw the King’s Speech on Saturday morning, and knew at that moment that the movie would win. You NEED to see it. It’s amazing!

  6. Love that outfit! It is horrible in the city today! I’m off to the treadmill for an easy recovery run from my killer 11-miler this weekend! I skipped the Oscars in favor of grocery shopping and making lunch for today! If I could live anywhere, it would be Geneva. I adore that city!

  7. There is something nice about a rainy Monday in the office. I don’t long to get outside and play, and am therefore super productive.

    It would be hard to leave mighty manhattan, BUT…

    I would live somewhere like San Diego so I could train for triathlons super hard core all year round. Or maybe St. John.

  8. I love your spring look! I wore flip flops to commute today to try and egg spring on.

    I would like on a warm coast with oodles of running and biking trails.

  9. Seriously, cannot get over your ability to wear bright outfits in the rain. I melt in the rain. I am so envious of you!

    The King’s Speech was AWESOME. It totally deserved to win!

  10. California- at this point in time I could care less for 4 seasons. I’m sick of it and would love to just live happily in the sun (except when fall rolls around… then I’ll have to make a trip to the east coast)

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