Thankful Things Thursday: When We Need It Most

Good morning!

During my run this morning (4 chilly miles), I realized it was Thursday. Here at Ali On The Run, that means it’s Thankful Things Thursday.

As you regular readers know, I haven’t been having the best week. I’ve been feeling a little sad, and when I realized it was Thursday, my first thought was, “Ugh. What the heck am I going to say I’m thankful for today?” I started thinking about the elements that have made my week particularly challenging.

Then it hit me: “Ali! This is exactly why you created the made up weekly holiday!”

Some days — and weeks, and sometimes even months — will be hard. Really hard. Emotionally, physically, whatever. It’s during those moments of weakness that it’s most important to take a step back and assess the things we can be appreciative of.

So without further ado, here’s what I’m thankful for today…

I’m thankful for running. I’ve had two particularly wonderful runs this week. One made me feel physically strong. The other was emotionally cleansing. Both made me grateful that my body is capable of carrying me 1, 8, even 13.1 miles at a time.

I’m thankful for my new Gap jeans. I’m wearing them for the second day in a row. They’re so soft and they fit perfectly. I love buying jeans and not needing to get them tailored. Plus, they were a steal, coming in at less than $70 (for jeans, I say that’s a steal!). In my opinion, they can make an outfit that I normally wear with wide-leg jeans look totally different.

Here's the outfit with wide-leg jeans (standing in front of the black garbage can, per usual)
Here's how I'm wearing the outfit today

I’m thankful to have fabulous girl friends in my life. We went over this yesterday. They are incredible and I am blessed and lucky to have them in my world.

I’m thankful that Bath & Body Works hasn’t totally discontinued the Country Apple scent. It’s been my favorite since high school and I still use it.

Fruity scents are my fave

I’m thankful for fro yo in my future. You bet I’ll be getting 16 Handles tonight.

I’m thankful for non-packed subway cars. Some days, the Downtown 6 train is so packed that you can barely breathe, let alone move. And I’m usually “that girl” with the huge purse on one shoulder and the giant gym back on the other. I take up a lot of standing space and people don’t enjoy me. But lately the subway has been totally manageable. Today I got to sit the entire time!

I’m thankful for hot showers. That one was easy.

I’m thankful for all of these things.

I’m thankful for you. The blog world is a lovable community. I’m happy that I took the plunge and finally started a blog last year. I’ve met incredible people, found wonderful support and gained so much knowledge about healthy living, running, learning my limits and much more. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, comments, views and opinions with me daily. You rock.

YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO NOW: Tell me what you’re thankful for today!



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  1. It’s great that even when you’re not having the best day, you take time to remember everything you are thankful for. It’s something we all need to take time to do.

    Those jeans are my favorite, too! Gap is always my go-to store for a pair of jeans. They look great!

  2. I found this really cool run related fill in the blanks on a blog and it reminded me of why i am thankful i can run and am going to pass on to you if you are interested…unable to find email so i will post here…
    Found this on a blog and I thought it was fun!

    First run:
    Longest run on the treadmill:
    Scariest run:.
    Prettiest run:
    The slowest race:
    The fastest race:
    Worst thing about running:
    Best thing about running:
    Places I have run:
    Coolest run:
    Furthest run from home:
    Running injuries:
    Life on the run is…

  3. Hi Ali!

    I just came across your blog for the first time and love it! And this post is great. We don’t take a step back often enough and give ourselves credit/take note of the things in our lives that make us smile and keep us moving forward. Thankful Things Thursday is a great way to keep that going 🙂

  4. I love the long and lean style at gap…i’ll have to check it out!!

    Today, I am thankful for my friends who bring me up when i’m feeling “blah”. I’m also thankful for Redbox. If you go on facebook…search “redbox” you can get a free rental for liking them on facebook! Woohoo!! What to rent??

  5. I took a cue from you and wore a bright cheery dress with a ruffly sweater on a dreary and cold day. So I am thankful for my new dress. It’s amazing how your outfit can change your perspective on the day. Love your outfit!!

    I am thankful for a non busy commute as I am also a bag lady on my way to work.

  6. I’m thankful for coffee, country music on iTunes radio, that it’s no longer dark out when I head out to run in the mornings, and that the Rite Aid down the block from my apartment has Cadbury Mini Eggs in stock and on sale. Though that last one could get dangerous since it’s still only February. 🙂

  7. You have the best attitude. I love it!

    Today I am thankful that there is a Subway close to my office because I am really craving a turkey sub drenched in cheese and veggies. I’m also thankful that all of my recent runs have been pain free and felt great. AND I’m thankful it’s almost Spring (did you hear me winter? you can go now.)

  8. Totally agree with being thankful for sitting while commuting! I’m sitting on the bus (with my gym bag comfortably resting on my lap) as I type this 🙂 Happy Thursday!

  9. I think we all need to honor this Thankful Thursday tradition. It made me so happy to read your post. Today I’m thankful for a SUPER speedy commute into work (some days my commute can be upwards of 2 hrs!) and for an extra bounce in my step due to a good early morning workout (and plans for a butt-kicking Kickboxing class tonight!). So happy to see you’re in better spirits today! PS. LOVE those jeans. What style are they so I can find them at the Gap!

  10. i needed this reminder to be thankful for the things i am blessed with. i have not looked in gap jeans in ages, i’ll have to revisit them. i love the top – where did you get it from?

  11. Love this! You are awesome & I love that you take time to be the thankful for even the little things in life, like froyo (not that fro you isn’t important. I get that;) ) I think people tend to hustle through their days and forget to take the time to realize how lucky they are. Thanks for the reminder.
    And FYI- those jeans look fabulous on you!!! HOT 🙂

  12. I’m thankful I caught the creeper trying to steal things out of my truck yesterday-What a jerk.

    I’m thankful the weather is warm and beautiful.

    I’m SUPAH thankful my calf pain is going away and I will be able to run in Gasparilla this weekend.

    I’m thankful for a super amazing job!

    I’m thankful for Ali on the Run because she is always so cheerful and can pretty much put a positive spin on anything. 🙂

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