You Made Me Do It

This week has consisted of very little sleep and lots of activity. So it should come as no surprise that by 5 pm today, I was beat.

I had packed a gym bag and planned to go to Carl Horowitz’s Power Yoga Hour class at Crunch. I love his class, and it’s been good to my body the past few weeks. It’s nice to break from the running and spinning and enjoy some deep stretching.

So toward the end of the work day, I did this:

Within minutes, you all let me know how you felt…

I didn’t want to let my Twitter friends down, so off to yoga I went.

As always, I’m glad I went. Isn’t that always the case?

For the first 10 minutes, I was watching the clock. I was hungry and tired. But as I got into the flow, I started to let go and enjoy myself. I did a large portion of the class with my eyes closed, just letting myself get deeper into the poses and focusing on my balance. Pigeon pose felt especially fabulous tonight.

I am getting better at yoga, which pleases me. I still have a very weak lower back, so I’m getting used to strengthening it and using it to hold me up and work with my abdominal muscles to balance out my core. I’m proud of myself for really going for it tonight — I even attempted several hand balances (and then fell several times, which was surprisingly fun). I’m awkward on the mat sometimes. I fall occasionally, I wobble occasionally, and tonight, as I stretched into a split, I let out a loud foot fart.

Foot fart? Yes. Not real fart.

My foot squeaked on the mat and it sounded like a fart. The girl next to me turned to look, and I really wanted to say, “That was my foot!” But I thought that might make it more awkward. Oh well — at least I probably gave her a good laugh, right?

Before I knew it, we were into the final minutes of class. At this point, Crazy Carl told us to imagine our bodies were filled with pixie dust. I doubt his intention was to make us laugh, but I giggled on the inside.

And then I was done, and got to come home and eat amazing leftovers from last night’s delicious meal.

Some final thoughts:

  • After much debate on the hair washing topic, I’m going to stick with what I’ve been doing. You can call me gross — I’m OK with that — but my hair is healthy, so I don’t feel the need to mess with my routine.
  • People love to talk about the weather. It’s too hot, it’s too cold, it’s too windy. I don’t want to talk about the weather anymore. Part of the fun of living in the northeast is never knowing what you’re going to get!
  • Did you read my guest post? Head over to A Healthy, Happier Bear (the site was down for a bit tonight, so if it’s not back up and running now, check back in a bit) to read all about dressing for the office.

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    Yay for yoga! Sorry my tweet to you tried to persuade you not to go, but come over and do it instead with me. I’m not a good gym motivator. BUT, I find that even if you are dragging a little, as soon as I start working out, I feel really good about it and get into it. That’s what happened to me last night. Got home, toyed with the idea of running, finally did it and was happy I did!

  2. Awesome on yoga. Sorry about the foot fart, oy! Very happy to hear you are sticking to your hair routine, I ASSURE you it is not gross at all! Ask any hair stylist.

  3. Way to go with the yoga! I find that, while I dread the thought of working out before I leave, I’m usually glad I did it when I get home. Even if I still didn’t enjoy it, at least I know that I made a positive and healthy decision for my overall health and wellness. Way to go!

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