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Happy Day After Valentine’s Day!

I didn’t get too into the spirit yesterday because I wasn’t feeling well and stayed home from work.

So yesterday was spent mostly on the couch at the apartment. I attempted a 3-mile run at one point, maintaining a really comfortable pace. It felt good to get outside in the gorgeous 50-degree weather we had in NYC. I baked a pie. I baked peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. I watched a lot of SoapNet and bad movies on HBO.

I got this card from my parents, which of course made me smile:

Oh hai! I'm a Valentine's Day pug!

They understand my pug love — and they regularly feed my obsession!

I’m feeling mostly better today, and took a rest day from running. I looked at the calendar when I woke up and realized I’ve gone running the past six days in a row. Oops. I plan on going to spinning tonight, but I’m glad I got the extra sleep this morning.

It’s so much colder out today! Yuck! But the sun is shining and the sky is a vibrant, gorgeous blue.

Pretty commute

Coming into the office was hilarious. I work with mostly women and every desk is flooded with flowers and candy.

But so was mine. So I can’t complain.

I cut the stems too short. My bad.

I always get frustrated because I’m REALLY bad at arranging flowers. I always make them look weird. Anyone have tips on how to get better at this? I’m OCD about everything else in life, yet can’t get a few roses to relax together.

Oh, and chocolates!

Is 8:30 too early for candy?

Another fun thing?

I’m wearing my new Erica Sara Designs earrings today!


I love that they’re classy and just a little bit blingy.

OK, I’m way behind on work and have lots to do today. Have a great day, everyone!

TELL ME: How was your Valentine’s Day? It’s not my favorite holiday, that’s for sure. It feels too forced. But it is nice seeing people spreading the love, whether it’s in relationships, through friendship or just by wearing hot pink. Hehe.



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  1. Hope you feel better soon! Rest up and you’ll be running again in no time!

    Valentine’s Day is always a weird. I have fun with it at work. The kids love special days! My boyfriend and I usually do something special together the weekend before. I guess it’s a good excuse for a extra special night out….other than that, not my favorite either.

  2. My Valentine’s Day was pretty good-Worked half a day, and then spent the afternoon at a funeral (not the good part of the day!). Came home and went to yoga, and then to a friend’s house for dinner and the Bachelor! Nice and relaxing evening! Then Skype date in the evening:)
    I don’t like the forced nature of the day, and think we need to do a better job of loving self and others throughout the year!

  3. I enjoy Valentine’s Day, but at the same time am indifferent towards it. I think that showing the love should happen year-round, just not on one day! That said, I am a sucker for romantic gestures, flowers, and nice meals out 🙂
    Good for you for taking a morning off running! I try to take one every 6 days (completely off, no x-training) and it definitely helps– our bodies need some R&R!

  4. It is SO cold in NY today! Yesterday was such a tease that it makes today feel awful! I started my V-Day at 6am with a flight out of FL back to the city after spending the weekend with my bf so it was a long day! My boss told me I didn’t need to go into the office which was great, so I went home and lounged around working from home and doing some studying!

    Hope you’re feeling better!

  5. I used to be a Val-Day hater. But I’ve come around. I mean, come on, it’s just a day dedicated to the idea of love. What’s wrong with that???

    I’m a horrible flower arranger, too. I really hate doing it, and I can never make them look pretty.

  6. I’ve been sick too. It’s miserable! I hope you’re feeling 100 percent again soon. Valentines Day seemed like such a non-issue this year. No one really talked about it and all of sudden…boom February 14th. I spent mine with movies and sweatpants. it was perfect.

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