I’m Not A Cute Runner

Oh my.

Thanks, Brightroom Event Photography, for your fantastic skills capturing my beauty during this weekend’s Gridiron Classic in Central Park.

That’s mean. I shouldn’t blame the photographers. They do a great job.

When I’m running — especially when I’m racing — I don’t care much about having my photo taken. During the Gridiron, I was so in the zone, and so focused on running my little heart out, that I hardly noticed the photographers on the course.


There I am in the blue!

I never notice the photographers until the last minute, at which point I try to slap on a smile and act like I’m just breezing through the course effortless.

Though if you read my recap, you know that was hardly the case. There was effort put forth. Lots of effort. And I think it shows…

So happy to be done!

Thankfully, after the race, Ashley and I ran a few extra loops in the park and managed the cross through the finish line a second time, just as they were wrapping everything up.

(Notice there’s no one else on the road with us. That’s because the race had pretty much ended… But they obliged and took our pictures anyway.)

For your mocking viewing enjoyment:

Here we come!
Why is my mouth wide open?
We were something like 8 miles into our run at this point...
...and we look pretty happy, considering we still had 3 miles to go!

Will I be purchasing any photos? Nope.

But did I get a kick out of these tonight? Sure did.

And do I look ridiculously happy in those last photos? You bet I do.

I also squeezed in a great spinning and weight training session after work. Tomorrow’s already Wednesday? I’ll take it!

TELL ME: Are you “race photogenic?” (Dori, you can brag now — all hail the queen of great race photos.) Anyone have a good strategy for snagging awesome action shots?



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  1. Technical question: How did you manage to post such excellent reproductions of these photos? I tried but can’t figure out how to do that. Would love to know your method. And by the way, congrats on your PR in the race (which I ran as well)–you look great.

    1. I did screen grabs of the photos from the Brightroom site. They’re small so I don’t plan on reproducing or printing them, but they worked perfectly for blogging purposes. On an Apple computer, you do a screen grab by holding SHIFT + APPLE + 4, then clicking and dragging the area you want to copy.

      1. Ahhh. Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately, I am using a Windows PC, and it seems not to function in the same way. But maybe I have to experiment a little more. Anyway, thanks for the reply–and happy running.

      2. Success: Windows has something called a “snipping tool” that does screen grabs. Mission accomplished!

  2. You look adorable and so happy in all of your photos! I love ’em! I always look like a spazz in race photos. I make the weirdest faces and my form – eek! I should probably do something about that!

  3. You look happy in all your pictures. I usually have a “I’m dying” look on my face! The last few races I’ve tried to pay attention to where the photogs are and totally “posed” for pictures. I give lots of stupid faces, and dorky thumbs up, makes for some stupid race photos, but it’s better than looking like I’m very near death!

  4. I’ve only done two races, and my first half marathon I was SUPER into making sure I got some cute pictures, so every time I saw a photographer I smiled like crazy. My second half, I didn’t see as many, and ended up not really loving any of my pictures. I also didn’t do a “post race” picture at the second half, as I thought if I had to stand in a line for any amount of time I would die. I think your pictures are adorable!

  5. Oh my gosh, those pictures are the most UNBECOMING ones I’ve ever had snapped! Oh well, I had a blast regardless! 🙂

    Also, in your solo shots, please notice that you’re kicking those guys butts in the race!

  6. Oh my, did not expect to see a shoutout there. Well, thank you for that, but all your photos are just as cute as any of mine if not better! You are crazy, you look adorable and so happy! LOVE that they took pictures of you guys on your non-race lap crossing the finish! Too funny!

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