Today Will Be Great

Oh hi there. What day is it?

Ahhhh yes. It’s Friday! High 5!

Before we get into the good stuff, first allow me to graciously thank you all for your wonderful comments and feedback about yesterday’s “How I Learned To Love Yoga” post, and for sharing your thankful thoughts as part of “Thankful Things Thursday.”

So I’m quite positive today is going to be a great day. Here’s why (in list form, because, well, duh)…

1. I slept like a rock last night. I didn’t even make it through a full episode of “Mad Men” (ABS and I started it from the beginning on Netflix and we’re on Season 2 righ tnow) before I crashed — and I crashed hard. I didn’t stir at all during the night. It was awesome.

2. I ran like a banshee this morning. Well, I don’t know about that. I guess I don’t really know how banshees run. I opted to run along the East River path and cover 4 miles. I’m trying not to run in Central Park too much since I plan on running lots of races there this year. I get tired of it pretty quickly.

At one point, as I was running north on the sketchy path this morning (I’m kidding, Mom, it’s totally not sketchy…) and a guy running the opposite way warned me: “It’s hairy up there — you can’t get too far without running on ice.” Of course in my head I decided that he was crazy, and I’m tough, and ice isn’t scary.

No big deal

Ohhhhh I almost bit it though. It was scary. There was a spot where I slid — out of control — on one foot for about 6 feet before I could control myself. In my head I was thinking, “This is how I’m going to die. Falling, breaking my legs, snapping my neck and then getting eaten by the East River Monster.”

The good news is that I didn’t die running today. Yay! I kept my pace slow, walked over a few icy patches and let myself enjoy being outside and alone.

And aside from those scary parts, the path was nice and clear.


3. The sunrise was exceptional. I love that when I leave work at night, it’s still a bit light out. I also love that I get to see more of the sunrise while I’m running in the morning.

Best way to start my day
Sunriiiise, sunset...

4. I picked up the dry cleaning. Yesterday the dry cleaners weren’t open for whatever reason. Today I was able to check that off my list and now ABS has plenty of clean shirts to get him through the next month. Girlfriend of the Year? I think so.

5. I’m wearing my favorite Friday outfit. Sometimes I’ll dress up on Fridays to wrap up the week festively. Today, though, I wanted jeans without looking sloppy. Here’s my go-to outfit:

You can't beat a good button-down

For a long time I avoided wearing button-down shirts (I had a hard time finding ones that would button over my chest without pulling) and I never tucked my shirts in. But I found a perfect shirt (see above) at J.Crew that fit without needing alterations, and I found jeans that don’t make me look too top heavy when I tuck things into them. Outfit win!

I also added a little extra zing to today’s getup:

A preppy madras headband
...And a whole lotta bling!

6. I packed a lunch today! It’s boring: a peanut butter sandwich and a clementine. But I spent too much money eating out all week, and I’m happy I won’t have to make the dreaded, “What should I get for lunch today?” decision later on.

7. It’s Friday. So of course it’s going to be a good day.

DISCUSS: Why is your day going to be awesome? Did you accomplish something super this morning? Got big evening plans? Planning a fun weekend getaway? Tell me something good, people!



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  1. I cannot believe you actually run out there! I can barely walk on these sidewalks – I envy your skills! Go you 🙂 I look forward to races in the CP, as well. Can’t wait for it to get warmmm!


  2. My day did not start out swell. But I won’t complain about it here. The best part of my day was a patient’s daughter telling me that I was very nice. Aw! That was nice to hear. I try very hard to accomdate our patients. The Dr is on call today and of course he got 2 consults while this patient was waiting to be seen, I let them know what was up and they went out and had lunch. It’s so much easier to be honest when we are running behind then to try and keep telling little fibs. Anyways, that made my day, and I’m glad my niceness paid off bc I’m totally not feeling nice today.

  3. Happy Friday! I had another day off today because the roof at school is unsafe and inspectors need to deem it safe before we can return. Instead, I went shopping for new running shoes!

    And my PSA for the day: Please be careful! This week I heard about a runner who broke her ankle badly while running on ice. I’m a huge baby (and give you MEGA props for getting out there to run!) but please stay safe, my friend!

  4. I have yet to find the perfect white button down!! I’m sort of square so anytime I wear a button down it makes me look funky in the mid area. I’ll have to go try out the J. Crew one though for sure 🙂 Love the headband!!

    Oh and way to rock the run! Just beware of early morning ice skating runs, they are a doozy!

  5. I think it’s cute you post your outfits every day! I am also rocking jeans today, but a little whole lot less put together than you.

    Also interesting that you get bored of Central Park so easily…I’m the opposite. I rarely get bored of running in CP, but can only run in Riverside Park/WSH once a week at most..the out and back path feels like it drags on forever!

  6. Love the jeans, I’d like a pair like that. I did accomplish something super this morning but it is not appropriate for the internet. That said, I am TIRED and just need this day to be over. Thinking of canceling my evening workout.

  7. Adorable as usual. I need to embrace the wider leg jeans, I like tucking in shirts and i think that’s a good way to balance that look. Have a great race this weekend! Run like a banshee 😉

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