5 Smart Things I’ve Done Today

Good morning!

As you may recall, yesterday I did a few things that were, well, unintelligent. This includes, but is definitely not limited to, the fact that I ran in the sleet and freezing rain.

Nothing bad came of it (that I know of). I was glad I ran, I felt hardcore and I didn’t slip or fall.

But today I will make only good, smart decisions. Until 10 am at least. After that, who knows what may happen.

Here is my list of 5 Smart Things I’ve Done Today:

1. I slept in. No 5:30 am wakeup for me today. I knew the weather was going to be crap, so I didn’t even attempt to get up and work out. No run. No gym. Just blissful sleep until 6:30 am. Of course, because my alarm wasn’t set early, ABS slept in an hour later than he was supposed to. Oops…

2. I stretched. As my training for the 1/2 Marathon in March gets tougher every week, my body is feeling the fatigue. After running and spinning yesterday, I woke up with tight legs. Not sore, not in any pain — they just felt like they needed to be stretched. So that’s what I did. I stretched, I foam rolled and I did the ol’ ab routine.

3. I dressed smartly. Uggs or cute winter boots with the little fur lining at the top were no match for today’s blustery grossness. The only smart solution:

The Big Girl Boots

What’s that, you ask? Why yes, I am wearing leg warmers with my boots. They kept my calves warm over my tights during my commute. I sensed that many people wanted to compliment my early ’90s fashion choice, but they resisted. People can be so shy.

Oh, you want a close up of the boots and the leg warmers? Alright:

It's dark, but you get the idea

With my jacket on, it was extra rugged looking. Kind of…

Wet Puppy Ali

4. But I also dressed for my mood, not the weather. Yesterday I also talked about how you can’t let the weather — be it rain, sleet, snow or barf (ew, I said barf) coming down from the skies — bring you down. Today, though the sky is yet again vomiting all over this lovely city, I wore something I like.

Weather is no match for me

Bright colors on yucky days always, always, always cheer me up.

5. I gave in to Groupon.

Yes please!

Today’s deal was for 16 Handles. Obviously there was no way I was resisting that. So, in a way, I bought some frozen yogurt at 7 am. I’d call that a successful morning. And I’m pretty sure that it was the smartest thing I’ll do all day.

NOW IT’S YOUR TURN: What smart thing have you done today?



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  1. I totally cry at the start of races, too!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And I saw on “and her little dog too’s” comment section that you studied at Bond Uni in 2005…. I studied abroad there, too!!!!!!!! Except I was there Fall of ’06-Summer of 07 (I didn’t intend on staying the whole year, but I loved it so much I didn’t go home at Xmas!!) Gahhhh It was one of the best experiences of my entire life. Looove that place so much! Just wanted to share 🙂

    1. Oh my gosh, let’s please talk all things Bond sometime soon. I want to know where you lived, where you traveled, how often you went to Shooters & The Beer Garden in Surfer’s and which beach was your favorite.

  2. i guess i can say that the sweatshirt i’m wearing is a bright magenta color, but it’s jeans and sneakers for me today. i also work in an office with ALL dudes, so it’s not like anyone is critiquing my outfit – always a good thing.

  3. I love that dress!! Dressing up on dreary days always makes you feel better, probably because it’s not sticking with the gloomy colors. Uh and with this weather, stretching and ab work is what the doctor called for! I was going to go to the gym but there was just no way!

  4. Ah, I <3 16 Handles! I was going to get the Groupon and saw you have to use it up in 1 visit, no cash/value back! I wish I could eat $16 worth of froyo in 1 trip, but alas I cannot. I guess I could bring a friend and share…ha

    And I also slept in this am instead of running…go away gross NYC weather! I am also sure there was noooo way the ground would be ok to run on..too icy!

  5. I actually have hot pink leg warmers. Not sure why! But when I wear them to work I always take them off before I get into my office, too embarrassed! I love how cute you always look at work. Not I.

    I saw that Groupon and thought of you!

    I attempted to go to Refine this morning and couldn’t make it to the end of my own block. Worst ice, I wish I slept in too!

  6. I love leg warmers. I’ve also taken a recent liking to knee high socks. Dorky? Probably, but they keep me so much warmer!

    Next time I come to visit you must take me to this 16 Handles! I love FroYo, there aren’t any places like that around where I live…

  7. Your outfit is so cute!! I am very guilty of letting my work fashion sense take a nose dive in cold weather. I get heavy in a routine of lined dress pants and thick, cozy sweaters. You are inspiring me to suck it up and dress pretty again!

  8. I love your positive attitude about the crappy weather lately. I’m pretty much over winter, but this was a nice reminder that I can still be my happy self even if winter is killing me!

  9. You are so stinkin’ cute!(in a non-creepy way) Love the dress! I have a blue one very similar, and I would never in a million years think to wear a shirt like that under it. Wait, is the shirt attached or you paired them together..either way, super cute!

    1. It’s just a white button down shirt underneath — I rolled the sleeves up so I didn’t look like a uniformed caterer and added a brown belt/brown tights. Thanks for the compliment!

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