Hey Stomach, Thanks For Waking Up

I woke up at 5:40 this morning. I brushed my teeth, put on my running clothes, stretched and did my morning crunches. I laced up my shoes, strapped on my Garmin and headed out the door with plans for a solid 5-mile run.

About 12 minutes into the run, my stomach decided to wake up. Finally.

And it gave me Hell.

TIME OUT: If you’re not comfortable reading about things like stomach troubles and bathroom situations, I recommend you stop reading at this point, or at least skip the next few paragraphs. I’ve had Crohn’s Disease since I was in first grade — it’s a digestive disorder, so I’m not shy when it comes to sharing this stuff. I won’t get graphic, but I’m an honest writer. Just giving you a heads up.

OK, back to my stomach battle from this morning. Needless to say, I hit the 1.5 mile mark and turned around. Three miles would suffice — any longer and I’d be in trouble, if you know what I mean. Though while I was out, the river path I run along was pretty.

Ahhh the calm before the (snow)storm

As soon as I got back to the apartment, I darted for the bathroom.

Honestly, this stomach situation could have been prevented if I had been a bit more patient this morning. I was so anxious to get out before the snow started, and I wanted to get into work early. If I had just let my body settle for 5–10 more minutes, I could have spent some extra time at home and I would have been fine by the time I started running.

Back in December, I wrote a guest blog for Leslie at And Her Little Dog Too. The post was my take on “The 10 Worst Things That Can Happen On A Run.” (I wrote fast and there are some typos — forgive me?)

NOW TELL ME: I’d love to hear about your biggest fears/concerns/worries/tragedies in regards to running and working out in general. What are you paranoid about, and how do you combat your fear?

In other news, based on the comments I’ve been receiving, people seem to be enjoying my daily office bathroom photo shoots. So I’m back this morning with another one. Today’s outfit had to be quick and easy, because I was rushing around after my morning stomach war.

The solution when you’re short on time? Throw on a dress and some fun earrings and you’re ready to walk out the door.

Hello bathroom

I bought this dress a few years ago and I wear it all year long — in the winter with tights, in the summer with sandals. This dress was majorly on sale when I bought it and I’m happy to report that I’ve definitely gotten my money’s worth out of it. Dresses are my go-to because you can usually dress them up or down, and they’re a complete outfit on their own. No matching needed.

To play up the black and white pattern, I threw on some red earrings.

Bright & Blingy

Which is more red, my earrings or my cheek zit?

On that note, off to conquer this Wednesday.

Have a great day!



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  1. Just found your bog recently and am reading some older posts in honor of your marathon tomorrow!!! Also, I used to live on the UES right by you guys (based on the places you mention) and I miss it soooo much!! Yay for NYC runbloggers! But the thing that I’m scared about most is running in the dark early morning. Seriously, I’m terrified of getting mugged or worse – I wonder if it’s totally irrational because it has kept me from morning runs for wayyy too long!

  2. Sorry about the stomach issues! It happened to me one day on a long run. I was doing 12K and at 10K I was looking for some bushes or something! I barely made it to the bathroom at home! It was such a close call! I totally understand you 🙂

  3. Ouch, not a fun morning! I’ve mentioned my dad has Crohn’s and I am familiar with how sudden it can strike. My biggest fear is running and not being able to find a bathroom.

    I’ve experienced pretty severe digestive issues while running and for a while I though I would never be able to run longer than 6 mi because of it. I keep my pre-run food simple and easily digestible and try to get everything “flushed out” before I leave for a run. The only other thing I can do is route runs around places with restrooms and cross my fingers.

  4. 1. Your dress is ADORABLE! Can you come help me get dressed for work in the morning? kthxbai
    2. And I have stomach issues, too, so that always makes me nervous when running. I try to eat as clean as possible the night before, not eat more than I need to before, and actually, not drink too much while running so that there’s not extra liquid sloshing around in there.

  5. Love your dress, so cute! I’m super jealous of your work wardrobe. Mine is so MEH! I have no clue what is fashionable and what is not, plus, I haaate spending money on clothes, like, hate. I would rather spend it on my house, or fun kitchen things.

    I haven’t had any emergencies while running, thank goodness. Although, I am super paranoid that one will sneak up on me.

  6. Do you ever get worried about running alone in the dark? I’m such a baby when it comes to running alone–and tend to always be looking over my shoulder.

    1. Honestly, I think I’m probably just a little naive. The first few times I ran on this path I was nervous, but now I’m used to it. Not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. But I’m never out there alone, and I run with my phone in case anything ever happens (God forbid).

  7. It’s so dark when you go out! This is going to sound silly, but do you run with pepper spray?! I have given myself permission to keep doing evening workouts until the time changes again – I much prefer am, but cannot get my fannie out of bed when it’s so dark! <3 the outfit!

  8. It won’t let me reply to the other thread, but oh ok. I ran at a dark 5 pm a few months ago starting at 63rd. I was completely terrified and exited at the first chance I got!

  9. Worst things that could happen on a run…getting the shits, spraining an ankle and not being able to call home (I don’t carry my cell phone with me usually)…

    I think that’s it, but I’m always SUPER careful about telling my boyfriend where I’m going and how long I’m going to be like a hundred times before I leave, just in case I hurt myself and he has to drive around and come find me.

  10. Sorry you had some stomach problems on your run this morning. That stinks big time!

    But I love your dress. I have some serious office wardrobe envy over here.

  11. Cute dress and earrings! Where is the dress from? I have to wear dresses and skirts to work and I actually struggle so much because my skin is too sensitive for tights.. jealous you can wear a dress just for fun and be comfortable.

    So sorry about your stomach. I suffer from a chronic digestive illness too so I know how hard it is.

    Also, I feel so scared on the East River Path when it is dark out. Am I being irrational? Do you ever feel that way?

      1. The dress is Diane Von Furstenburg. It has pockets, so naturally I’m in love.

        The East River Path doesn’t scare me because I never go too far north — I usually turn around by 115th Street — and I’m never out there alone. It’s very well lit and I always see others running as well.

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