How To Have A Good Day

It’s quite simple, really. Here’s my two-step plan for starting your day off on the right foot:

Step 1: Make eye contact with a stranger.

Step 2: Smile.

Boom. It’ll make you feel good and you may even get a smile in return. I swear, this works. I smile at random people all the time, and whether I get ignored or winked at (yup) I instantly feel a little surge of happiness.

Try it. Please. Then let me know how it goes! And don’t be shy — if you live in a big city or you take public transportation, it’s likely you’ll never see that person again.

Today is already a good day. Yes, I’ve smiled at some strangers, but there are other reasons, too. I will now share those reasons with you.

When my alarm went off at 5:40 am, I actually felt rested and ready to get out of bed. Usually I’m a snoozer/cuddler and getting up takes some effort. ABS wasn’t budging this morning, but I was ready to rock.

I went for a 4-mile run and beat the snow. (Honestly, I didn’t even know it was supposed to snow today — more on that later) Since I didn’t run yesterday, my legs felt refreshed and the warmer weather (28 degrees!) made for easy breathing. Success! I also passed lots of runners going in the opposite direction and I smiled at every single one of them. Only one cute lady walker actually smiled back and said “Good morning,” but it’s cool. They were probably smiling in their heads… Right?

So happy to be awake. Or at least faking a smile like I am.

I wore an old hat. I mean old. Like from high school. I discovered this winter gem when I was cleaning out our (my) coat closet a few days ago. It’s circa the early 2000s and from American Eagle. I can’t decide if it’s awesome or outdated. Either way, it kept my head warm during my morning commute.

I take self portraits in bathrooms with my big claw hand.

No, it doesn’t match my black coat. No, I don’t care.

It’s snowing in NYC! As I mentioned, I had no idea it was supposed to snow today! The nice weather man on TV said partly cloudy, break from the freezing temps, blah blah blah. So imagine my surprise when I left my apartment and saw a pretty little snowstorm happening.

The pretty kind of snow

I’m aware that you can’t tell it’s snowing from this picture, but I promise you, it is. Big, white, fluffy flakes — the kind that like to sit on your eyelashes. I like snow days like this. It probably won’t stick too much and it looks nice coming down.

(Confession: ABS did tell me this morning that it was going to snow today. He warned me. But I was like, “No it’s not! The weather man says clouds only! Gosh, ABS, don’t tell me what the weather is going to be like when you don’t even know.” My mistake.)

I wore an outfit I like. I wear this outfit All. The. Time. It’s sort of my go-to for work and for going out. Dark wide-leg jeans, black and white patterned shirt, black belt and a lime green bracelet for a pop of color. As usual, I used the office bathroom as my personal self portrait studio for your viewing pleasure.

Comfy town

Please note that I managed to stand in front of a black garbage can for this photo. So while it looks like the crotch part of the jeans hangs down toward my mid-thigh area, that’s not the case. I swear they are more flattering than that.

NOW YOU TELL ME: What has made your day great so far?



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  1. CUTE outfit! Rock it, girl 🙂 Seeing how surprised and happy my grandma was when I gave her a surprise visit at the nursing home has made my day 🙂 It’s only Tuesday but this week is turning out to be a good one! Hope it is for you too!

  2. Love your work outfit! It’s too cute.

    But man I would freeze in my office in a 3/4 length shirt this time of year. I have to keep a blanket at my desk to bundle up…I swear I work in an icebox!

  3. Cute outfit! I love smiling at strangers. Since I work in an elementary school, I am forever smiling at the little guys that pass in the halls. Funny enough, I’m the first person they find when there’s trouble. Even if they don’t smile back, I really believe that people remember a friendly face. Way to have a good day!

  4. My day has been great so far because I’ve had really nice patients. Some days I get really grumpy patients and they just want to be uncooperative. Today has been nice and easy patients, my favorite!

  5. Take a peak out the window now, those flakes are really coming down!! I heard it’s only going to be a “passing” snow storm and the real snow will be coming tomorrow so be prepared for manana! 🙂

    I always smile at people, sometimes it doesn’t work in my favor when the person thinks I’m hitting on them but I still think it’s fun. Once this nerdy kid thought I was hitting on him or something and he got all giddy and I just let him think that and left. It was so cute I couldn’t rain on his parade 🙂

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