6 Degrees

Oh yes, my friends. It was a balmy 6 degrees outside when I woke up this morning. That was two hours ago. It’s still 6 degrees…

No, I did not go for a run this morning! I was planning to take a day off from running anyway, and when I woke up and saw the weather, I didn’t even contemplate it. An extra hour of sleep? Fine by me!

At least it’s going to warm up as the week progresses — great news, since I have a 4-day work week! On Friday I’m headed up to Vermont with a group of my college girlfriends for some snow fun and relaxation. I’m looking forward to getting out of the city and spending quality time with friends in sweatpants (with wine).

In case you’re catching up from the weekend, here’s what I’ve been up to for the past few days:

I loved this weekend, especially since it was my only weekend in January where I got to stay in NYC. I’m traveling every other weekend!

In honor of today’s frigid temperatures, here are a few pictures from last winter in NYC.

Central Park, December 2009
Central Park, December 2009
Central Park, December 2009
January 2010, view from my old Midtown West apartment

And what better way is there to warm up on a cold day than drinking hot chocolate out of a pug mug?

My Happy Mug

Stay warm today!

TELL ME: What’s your favorite cold-weather activity? Do you prefer to get out and play or stay indoors by a fire?



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  1. This winter is the harshest I can remember in a looong time! I am not loving it. I enjoy skiing, but I’m not on the mountain. I wouldn’t mind a couple 40-degree days here and there 🙂

  2. 6 degrees is just awful. Florida is where it’s at, nice and uh, warm, here. Not sure what the temps are today, but I know it’s no where near 6*.

    My favorite cold day activity is not going outside =) I love bon fires on cold nights. We have a little fire pit we used a lot last winter. Sadly, it has a hole in the bottom and the first time we used it at our new house it burnt a nice round circle in our grass =(

  3. For a second I thought you were going crazy because it’s freezing in Brooklyn!! Hahaha! Well besides it being cold this weekend you had an extremely eventful weekend.

    I just planned a weekend with a few of my girlfriends from college to meet in Atlantic City and I’m stoked!! Weekend’s with the gals (with wine) is always the best!!

  4. Ali I have no idea how you can be thinking about going north when it’s already freezing out. I’m trying to plan an escape to a tropical island to get me out of this weather! 🙂

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