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The title says it all. Today has been a pretty blissful Saturday. Allow me to tell you more…

As I mentioned earlier, I was happy to wake up at 8 am to join Ashley, Theodora and Lauren at Equinox downtown. I’m not a member at Equinox, but I’ve been graciously hooked up with some guest passes. It’s such a nice gym with squeaky-clean facilities and an attractive clientele. So yeah, waking up early on a Saturday wasn’t so bad.

Ashley and I did 20 minutes on the elliptical, which was surprisingly nice. I haven’t stepped foot on an elliptical machine since college because they usually bore the heck out of me. But Ashley and I chatted the whole time, and it was time for the next phase of our workout (foam rolling and some warm-up abs) before I knew it.

Then we hit up Corey Hill’s back-to-back classes: arms first, then abs. The arms class is great because you plow through quick exercises and never get bored. Unfortunately, the class was packed, and I was stuck with heavier weights than I would have liked.

The abs class is my favorite because it’s tough, but you’re laying down the whole time! Of course, laying down doesn’t mean it’s easy. I liked that Corey emphasized that crunches are a two-part move, meaning you should be contracting and tightening your abs on the down/release movement as well as the upward motion. Made me totally re-think the way I’ve been doing crunches! Oops.

Also, special shout out to Corey, who approached me during class and let me know that he recognized me from Twitter and the blog! Hi, Corey. Thanks for a great workout!

After our workout, we headed to Coffee Shop in Union Square for a much-needed lunch. Theodora and I each got the California wrap: scrambled egg, bacon, Jack cheese and avocado? Um, yes please… It was delicious. The food was great, and the company was fabulous.

Next we started walking, well, everywhere. We popped into Lululemon, strolled through the Union Square Farmer’s Market, then headed north on Broadway.

From there, we ogled puppies in Madison Square Park then hit up Eataly to get a break from the cold.


All that fresh Italian food is mouth-watering.

Mmmm. Pieeeee.
We sampled these. It basically tasted like Nutella...but more expensive.

My favorite thing to do at Eataly is check out all the fresh, hand-rolled pastas.

Pasta is my favorite.
She likes the pasta too I guess!

After more walking and talking, we went to Lord & Taylor. Ashley and Theodora need gowns for an upcoming Junior League event (fancy!) and I was happy to be their gown consultant.

Loved this dress.

One girl made a purchase — one girl did not. Check out both of their blogs in March to see what they both end up wearing to the event. (I know I will!)

By this point, we were all growing tired, so I decided to head back to the apartment. I played some Wii with ABS and his friend Roper, then showered and now I’m getting ready for a night out on the town. ABS and I are going to dinner with a few couples in our neighborhood, then we’re going to the Empire Hotel for a birthday party.

Not a bad day. Not bad at all.

TELL ME: Where’s your go-to spot for buying dresses? Dress shopping is one of my favorite things to do and I’m always looking for new places to hit up beyond French Connection.



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  1. I have been meaning to go to Eatly, and this post has just inspired me to make that trip sooner than later.

    I love dressing shopping, too, and have too many dresses to show for it. I like to buy dresses at ModCloth online, as well as Nordstrom’s, Ann Taylor Loft, and Victoria Secret, and Target and Daffy’s are hit or miss. I also always oggle over the dresses online at Ruche, but never seem to make a purchase.

  2. Fun times! Equinox always sounds so fancy! My gym is nice, but tiny and never too busy.

    I love dress shopping and dressing up in general! I usually have luck at Nordstrom or BCBG when I’m dress shopping. I’ve also gone to a few boutiques around here. I wish I had more occasions that called for fancy dresses!

  3. Fun day! I had a hard time finding a nice dress for my brother’s wedding last September and ended up ordering one online. I’m staying at the Empire Hotel next weekend, excited to hear what you think of the bar!

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