Writer’s Block

No morning post?! What’s going on?

Don’t worry. Everything is fine.

Except that I have writer’s block today. Not regarding the blog — I can pretty much always find something to say to you wonderful readers.

I’m having work-related writer’s block. I’m writing a big feature and it is consuming my brain. I’m a writer and editor — that’s what I get paid to do — and yet this article just isn’t happening for me.

The office has been really busy lately, so today I was able to work from home. I thought that, without the distractions that come up at the office, I’d be able to focus and churn this project out. Instead, I started at a blank computer screen for hours.

Anyway. The article still isn’t done. Hopefully that fact will change soon. Blah.

Working from home today was really nice. I slept in — until 7:30 am! — then got caught up on emails and whatnot. I was able to get out for a run, which wasn’t easy.

Let’s talk about that, shall we?

According to my very rough (ahem, non-existant) 1/2 marathon training schedule, I need to run 8 miles this weekend. However, this weekend the weather forecast for New York City is something along the lines of “20 degrees, real feel 8.” Um, no thank you.

So despite last night’s snowstorm (not a storm at all, Central Park only got 4 inches), I decided to get my long run out of the way and make it happen today. The snow didn’t seem threatening and the sun was shining, even though it was just 28 degrees when I left the house.

Non-threatening? Not so much. I ran 8.25 miles in Central Park and it was mildly terrifying. Take note, NYC runners, and be really careful! My pace was super-slow, because there were lots of icy patches, particularly on the east side of the park.


In order to add some mileage to the 5-mile loop I do in the park, I decided to run around the Reservoir. What the heck was I thinking? It was awful. I swear I was about the fourth person to even step foot on it all day! There was so much snow, no path at all, and my ankles felt really wobbly trying to stay steady.

Whoa, snow.

It looked pretty though!

Standard Reservoir photo

My legs felt like they were working overtime and I stopped several times because my body felt so exhausted. Running on snow and dodging ice patches is tough stuff! But I am definitely glad I got that run out of the way so I can rest a bit this weekend.

Not my best pace due to the terrain, but boo yah. Run done.

Side note: I love my new Garmin. Thanks, boyfriend!

After my run, I took a perfectly hot shower, slipped into my comfy robe then got down to work for a while. I even resisted having SoapNet on in the background, which I knew would only serve as a distraction.

It was nice to be home, munching on all the yummy fruits I have stashed in the refrigerator.

Eventually, when I needed a work break, 16 Handles came to my rescue. Nom nom noms.


My growing obsession with this frozen yogurt is not good.

Now I’m waiting for ABS to come home and we’re going to a new dumpling place for dinner that just opened near our apartment. Maybe while we’re there, my article will write itself!

Happy weekend, friends!

TELL ME: Anyone running races this weekend? The Manhattan 1/2 Marathon is happening in NYC. Wear layers, runners!



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  1. I am so impressed you did eight miles out there today! And in the park? Wow! I tried to run in there last week after the snow and ran right back out because I was slipping & sliding everywhere. You probably also got a great core workout trying to keep your balance. I’ll have to refer to this post next time I want to wimp out on a run. Have a great weekend & enjoy the beautiful snow!

  2. Ummmm I HATE running when the paths look like that! It’s totally miserable! I felt the exact same way last weekend. Gag. I have 10 miles tomorrow and it’s supposed to be 6 degrees. I am super jealous of your high 20’s right now! 🙂

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