See You In 2012, NYC Marathon!

Hopefully I’ll see you sooner, if the 2011 lottery is kind to me.

But, I finally did it! With a little extra motivation from ABS and Ashley, I just registered to become a New York Road Runners member, which means I can now participate in the 9+1 program (run 9 NYRR races and volunteer for one) in order to gain guaranteed entry to the 2012 ING New York City Marathon.

I'm a member!


So, as you regular readers may now, I’ve been seriously thinking about running my first marathon for a few months. After watching the 2010 marathon, I sat at my computer tirelessly so I could enter the Monday Marathon Mania lottery for the 2011 race just hours later.

I’m still in the lottery for the 2011 marathon — I find out in April if I’m in — and getting accepted would be a dream come true. Sadly though, lotteries have never been my friend, and I’m playing it safe by guaranteeing I get to run the New York City Marathon at some point in my [young] life.

Yup. It's my dream to be in that ridiculous crowd of people.

I am so excited about getting my NYRR membership card in the mail and getting my official member number. I just made a huge list of the possible races I can run and volunteer at and I’m hoping to register for a handful thi weekend.

I’m going to run a marathon…in like, two years. Hehe. Still, pretty awesome!

Aaaaaanyway, that’s my big exciting news of the day. The rest of my day was pretty regular — just the way I like it. Gosh, I’m so boring and predictable sometimes.

Work was so busy that I barely had time to breathe, and afterward I followed through on this morning’s goal to finally make it to a yoga class.

The class was Power Yoga Hour at Crunch with Carl Horowitz. He was fantastic! I loved that he gave lots of hands-on corrections, because when you’re downward dogging and flowing to and fro, it’s really tough to gaze at your reflection in the mirror to see what you’re doing correctly.

Though I didn’t break much of a sweat — and I always want to sweat during a workout — I did leave feeling satisfied and limber. I was pleased to get all the way down in my right split (Still got a tiny hint of the ol’ dancer flexibility left in me!) and I held crow pose for way longer than I thought I was capable of holding it for.

Then, back at the apartment, I tried to recreate my awesomeness for ABS.

Well now. Isn't that flattering...?

I think I need to lift my upper body more? Any yogis (or yoginis!) care to offer advice? I’m very new at this.

I asked ABS if I look like I'm doing the same thing as the pictures on the Internet. He said no.

After trying to prove to him that I’m super great at yoga, this happened:

We call this: Ali comes crashing down

Ali fell down.

ABS and I were both home fairly early tonight (he beat me home, which is insanely rare) and now we’re settled on the couch enjoying the return of our favorite shows (“The Office” and “30 Rock”).

TELL ME: How are your New Year’s Resolutions coming along, if you made them? Any great updates or major breakthroughs?

Oh, and thanks to everyone for contributing to Thankful Things Thursday. It warms my heart to see that so many people are thankful for so many wonderful things.



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  1. Oh my gosh, I ALWAYS come home and try to show my boyfriend crow pose. I fell out of side crow the other day with a horrific crash. Epic.

  2. I was so excited the first time I held crow. I love that pose! I’m no pro, but you look great! I just bought a 10 class pass for a great studio, so hopefully there will be more yoga in my future.

  3. Wow Ali! You’re blog has gotten really fantastic and looks like you’ve been up to some amazing things – I’m so happy for you!
    I promise to start blogging again soon. My workouts will finally start up again next week, and thus, blogging begins!

    (though I would appreciate it if it wasn’t so cold)

  4. I think your crow looks great! The best advice I ever got for arm balances are to make sure you’re looking forward (not down), it’s so important for balancing. Pretend your hands are the 2 bottom points of a triangle, and your gaze point should be the top of the triangle. Arm balances are the bane of my existence. I really hate them… in the spirit of yoga, I’m trying to request them more to get over my hatred!

  5. I think I told you before that I got in through the lottery the time I ran the race, so there is hope! I’m glad you joined NYRR, but really am keeping my fingers crossed that you “lottery in” this year so we can train together.

    I’m no yogini, but crow is one of my fav. poses. Based on what little I know, your arms should be straighter in the pose, which should make it a little easier.

  6. Have a ton of fun with the 9+1 program this year. From Ashley’s blog I’ve seen that the NYRR put on some great races, so it sounds like you have a ton of selection and plenty of distances to play with.

    And I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you about the 2011 lottery.

  7. whoa that photo of all those runners was very overwhelming! good job on the crow pose! i can never do it; i swear my arms are too short for it. that being said, now i am inspired to go to a 6 am yoga class tomorrow!

  8. That pose looks pretty impressive to me! I’m also impressed w/ your ability to do a split. I don’t even think I could do a full split when I was in dance. =/

    My 2011 goals are going well for the most part. I PRd in 5k last weekend, that was awesome! I checked out some books from the library, but I am not making any progress on them. I’m also using twitter more, i know, weird 2011 priority. I’ve also been getting more traffic on my blog, so that’s cool!

    Very cool that you are planning on running a marathon in 2012.. I’m still debating whether or not I want to do a early 2012 marathon. The time commitment scares me.

  9. Possibly the most amazing post of 2011 (ok, the year is young but it’s still a great compliment). LOVE this. 1. i will also be running 2012 marathon/ talking about it for 2 years 2. this yoga thing is hilar. if i posted that pic…let’s not go there. let’s just say i have too much junk in my trunk for that to have been “CUTE” 🙂 but you’re hilarr

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