It’s A Pink Skirt Kind Of Day

Yesterday in New York City, everything just felt so blah. The morning weather prevented me from accomplishing my planned outdoor run. Then I totally bought into the gloominess of the day by wearing jeans and a sweater to work. Booo-ring. And unflattering.

But today is a new day! And though the weather outside is still, well, frightful (dark, dreary, possible rain throughout the day and piles of slush on the ground), I’m feeling quite delightful.

Yes, I just kind of quoted a Christmas carol. I haven’t stopped listening to holiday music on my iPod. Oops.

I digress.

Today, I was out of bed at 6 am. I could hear the faint pitter-patter of rain outside the window, but when I stuck my hand out the door to our backyard, I didn’t feel anything. Score!

The running clothes went on, the ab routine was completed and I was out the door like a kid on Christmas morning.

Again, with the Christmas references… I have to transition past the holidays. What is wrong with me?

I ran 4 miles along the East River. I’ve been running along the river on the weekday mornings much more often lately, as opposed to doing longer runs in Central Park. It’s easier on my knees and it’s a more manageable distance for getting into work on time. Though I’m sure once it’s lighter out in the morning, I’ll make my way back to the park. I do love being there when the sun comes up.

My run was more like a series of puddle jumps, and I had more than one “bad jump” where my foot landed directly in the middle of a puddle. My feet were soaked by the time I got back to the apartment.

These munchkins are cuter than I was this morning. But I still think the comparison works.

I was fine with it though. It felt good to move my body and sweat up a storm. At the beginning of my run, my left knee felt tight. It loosened up eventually, but I think it was my knee’s way of saying, “Let’s have a hot date tonight with Mr. Foam Roller.” So I guess that’s what I’ll be doing later on.

To continue in the spirit of ensuring today is a good day, I felt I had to dress the part. Sure, being in cozy clothes at the office yesterday was nice and comfortable. But a gloomy day calls for bright colors. Thus…

If you get into the office early enough, you have the bathroom available for personal photo shoots.

Now if only I could figure out how to make my hair stay nice during my commute. It goes from sleek and shiny at the apartment to OMG-what-the-heck-happened frizz by the time I get to the office.

My theory behind dressing bright on days that aren’t so bright is that you need a little color to brighten up your day. If you can’t get it in the form of sunshine, find a way to brighten the world yourself. For me, a hearty dose of hot pink always does the trick.

The rest of today will be great. Here’s why:

  1. The office is pretty quiet today because a bunch of people are at a photo shoot. I’ll be less distracted than normal and plan to bang out lots of writing.
  2. If my legs will allow it, I want to go to spinning tonight. I had planned to do something less intense, like BodyArt, but my favorite class is tonight and I would love to be there.
  3. I’m having grilled cheese and soup for dinner…again. You say that’s not healthy? I say it’s delicious. Melted cheese = mmmmm.
  4. We have a new Mad Men disc on Netflix. The start of Season 2. I’m pretty pumped to start watching.

Lastly, here are the songs that kept me happy to be awake and running this morning:

  1. Sweet Disposition, The Temper Trap
  2. Coming Home, Diddy
  3. Hold It Against Me, Britney (Duh)
  4. Grenade, Bruno Mars

Have a great day, friends!

TELL ME: When it’s gross outside, do you buy into it and enjoy a lazy day? Or do you find a way to perk yourself up? If it’s the latter, tell me your solutions for making a sucky day into a happy one!





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  1. PERK YOURSELF UP OF CORSE! I have a theory the the City basically is a person. It’s gloomy, happy, angry, etc etc. Don’t by into it when it’s sad you best be happy or it will make you miserable.

    I wear my most comfortable boots to work…..the 40 minute commute from Queens will kill you otherwise. I also try to get a bright and colorful fruit smoothie from my smoothie guy. Fruit just makes ya happy 🙂

  2. I love that skirt and belt! I tend to buy into the gloominess of the day. But I guess it depends on the day and what I have planned as well!

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