Big Girl Boots

I can’t believe I returned from sunny L.A. to this icky NYC weather! Sleet, slush, rain…oh my.

ABS and I got to bed early last night, which helped me wake up at 5:30 this morning feeling rested and ready to conquer the world short work week.

Sadly, when I checked the weather from my side of the bed, I saw that it was raining/sleeting/freezing raining in Manhattan. Boo! I was so excited to try out a shorter river run with my trusty new friend.

After some convincing from ABS, I decided not to run.

If I had my way, I still would have done it, sucky weather and all.

You see, if I don’t start my morning out with a sweat session, I tend to get a little, well, crazy cranky.

But, today ABS was right (ew, I hate admitting that). Not running was the smart decision. Why, you ask? Well let’s discuss…

  1. Um, the weather. Duh. Not only was it chilly and raining, the ground was also very slick. I probably most definitely would have slipped at some point and probably bruised my butt.
  2. I am already feeling a bit sick. I’ve had a nagging, chesty cough for a few days now and I’m pretty sure I can attribute my newfound sexiness to my long outdoor runs. I don’t need to get even sicker.

I guess those are my two main reasons. Sorry, that wasn’t much of a list.

Anyway. Because I didn’t run but couldn’t fall back asleep, I was able to come into the office nice and early to do some catch-up from being out and traveling last Friday.

ABS texted me mid-way through his commute warning me to “wear shoes with traction.”

It’s a slippery, slushy mess on the streets of New York today. Luckily I had my Big Girl Boots.

They’re not cute. They’re not trendy. But they kept my feet warm and dry on the walk to work today.

Now I’m off to show my To Do list who’s boss.

TELL ME: Are you a “run no matter what” kind of person? Or will you give in when the weather is gross, your health is suffering or you just need a break? I often have a hard time giving myself a break, which is something I’m working on for 2011.

Side note: When I asked ABS how he’d slept last night, he said, “Not well! I had dreams about that movie!” Turns out Black Swan really got to him! Did you see it yet? What did you think? Did it stick with you the way it’s apparently sticking with my crazy boyfriend?



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  1. I’m glad you stayed safe and warm today. The way I look at it, I will never go outside to run if it will jeopardize future runs by risking injury or illness. Besides, I don’t mind the occasional excuse to rest 😉

  2. Those boots look super warm!
    Because of a really bad dance injury I sustained years ago (mostly due to NOT resting when I should,) I tend to listen to my body and skip workouts when I’m not feeling great. I’m learning more and more when I can push and when I should back off though. It’s all a balance 🙂

  3. Sometimes boots like that are the way to go!! I would rather be warm and dry then stylish sometimes 🙂 And I’m a wimp in the cold gross weather! But I did just sign up for a race series to force myself to get outside in the cold!

  4. I am definitely not a “run in whatever weather” kind of girl. Weather is my #1 excuse NOT to run =)

    I don’t do rain, and I don’t do wind. Other than that, I’m game, for the most part. I will run in the cold, of course I will whine about it first but then I’m good to go.

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