I’m Going Away More Often!

Yes, obviously I wish I could travel more often. I love going on trips, seeing new sights, trying new cuisines and meeting new people.

But sometimes, isn’t the best part of going away coming back home?

Today, after a 5 am wake-up, a shuttle to the airport, a 5 hour and 21 minute flight and a way-too-long cab ride back to the apartment, some great things started happening.

Well, first things first: I got back to the apartment, unpacked a few things and then jetted out for a quick 3-mile run. It felt good to move my legs around, especially after yesterday’s long run and then all those hours spent sitting on the plane.

Then, ABS returned from watching the Jets vs. Patriots game, and he came bearing gifts!

Well, one particularly awesome gift, that is:

He bought me a Garmin Forerunner watch!

Remember a few months ago when I was debating whether or not I wanted a Garmin? Well ABS remembered, and showed up with one today. He said he hopes it will help me hit my goal time at the National 1/2 Marathon in March! (I hope so, too!)

I was so, so, so excited! He got me the Garmin Forerunner 110, which is perfect for me because I’m not too concerned about the heart rate monitor portion of the bigger watches. This one is nice and small and ABS’s friend who has this model says it’s very user-friendly.

Great welcome home gift, right?

Then we went out for a lovely sushi dinner (and a frozen yogurt dessert stop for me at my new favorite Upper East Side spot, 16 Handles) and now it’s back home and time to cuddle up and watch some TV.

In other news, I can’t stop thinking about my amazing fruit platter that I got for lunch yesterday:

I miss the sweet sunshine and the fresh fruit already…

On that note, before I tuck into my toasty bed, here are a few more scenic shots from my quick trip to Los Angeles:

In case you missed any of it, here are my L.A. trip recaps:

OK, off to figure out how to set up my fancy new running watch, then calling it a night.

TELL ME: What’s the first thing you like to do when you return home after traveling? Shower? Work out? Unpack? Go to bed?



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  1. I went to 16 every single day this summer, it’s a block away from me! I am pretty over it now, but it had a great run.

    Would love to know your thoughts on the FR 110!!!

  2. Your vacay looks amazing. I am sorry you had to come back to NY on such grey and puddleful day….it’s pretty much the exact opposite of your pictures! Please keep a look out for that kind of fruit platter in NYC! It looks just …just….too good for words….almost like it’s not real (which is a theme in LA I hear).

    Yuu got yourself an awesome BF THAT LISTENS. Tie him down and marry him at once 🙂 It’s nice to have a bf that shows you support and wants to help you achieve your dreams!

    Keep on Runnin!

  3. You will love your Garmin! I have the 305 and it’s bulky, but I fell in love the first time I wore it. Glad you made it back safely and had a great trip!

  4. Yay for the new Garmin! I love my garmin!

    The first thing I do is throw my bags in the laundry room, depending on where we are getting back from I probably take a shower, or go to bed.

    BTW, I love that green dress you have on in one of your pics. Super cute!

  5. I could never workout after getting home from a plane ride, it wipes me out and all I can do is rest! Very impressive. You look SO pretty at the beach in your green dress. And I LOVE 16 Handles!! We should make a date there.

  6. Aw what a nice bf! 🙂

    And that fruit plate does look amazing…fresh raspberries are the best.

    I didn’t know there was a 16 Handles in the UES! I’ve only ever been to the East Village one.

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