The Wrong Side of the Bed

Uh oh.

I woke up craaaaanky today.

For some reason I can’t shake my bad mood. Why so glum, you ask? Well, for lots of petty reasons, actually.

  1. I set my alarm to get up and run this morning — then blew it off. At 5:30 am I felt well rested and started to get ready. Then I thought about the roads and pondered whether they’d be to slick to run on. I also debated whether getting outside would help or worsen the oncoming cold I think I have. So I went back to bed. Naturally when I re-awoke 45 minutes later, I was mad at myself for having shrugged off my workout. I haven’t run in a few days now and am itching to get back out there. I also want to focus hard on training for the National 1/2 Marathon in March so that I can make my goal time.
  2. I couldn’t find anything to wear. Isn’t that the story of everyone’s life, honestly? I hated everything I put on and ended up making a mess of discarded clothes all over the bedroom. I settled on jeans and a brown turtleneck sweater. Not exactly chic, though it is cozy.

That’s it. So lame, right? I know, I should be able to say, “Ali, you’re being insane. Slap a smile on that face of yours and move on with your day.”

That will happen soon, I promise. Just give me a few hours. I packed trail mix for my morning snack, which I looooove, and I have leftover pad thai for lunch. What’s better than that?

Also, I need to remind myself that I’m going to L.A. tomorrow! Though the photo shoot I’m working on is still basically in shambles, at least I’ll be stressed out in warm weather! There’s a very slight chance that the actual day of the shoot will get moved from Saturday to Friday, which means Saturday would be a play day in the sweet sunshine.

L.A. readers, I definitely plan on running while I’m in California. Any advice on where to go?

Wow. I think I just cheered myself up!

TELL ME: When you’re cranky, how do you snap out of it? Normally when I’m upset or stressed, I go for a long run to clear my head. Clearly at the moment that isn’t an option. But apparently writing out what was upsetting me and seeing just how silly my reasons were was exactly what I needed to do.

On with the day! Have a great one, friends.



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  1. The weather here in LA is supposed to be great this weekend, so perfect timing for a visit 🙂 If you want to get in a workout, hike in either Temescle Canyon or Runyon Canyon. Great views of the city.

    Depending on where you’re staying in LA there are tons of things to do… if you’re downtown check out Water Grill for super fresh, delicious sea food. If you’re on the West Side, and want to hit up a dive bar for karaoke on Friday night, The Shack in Playa del Rey is the place to go for sure. Also on the West Side is Downtown Culver City which has tons of really cute restaurants, Ugo has wonderful Italian and a wine bar next door!

  2. I totally blew off my planned 5 am workout when my alarm went off, but I managed to go later in the day. I live pretty close to LA but I’ve never been running there, so I don’t have any tips, I’m afraid. Have fun! Since you’re looking forward to warm weather, you picked the right weekend to come- it’s going to be in the 70s!

  3. I’m like you, sometimes the smallest things can put me in a bad mood. Usually talking about it or exercising helps though!

    Have fun in California; so jealous you get to escape the snow and cold for a while!

  4. I usually listen to some good music to shake my bad mood off, if it doesn’t work I just wait for the next day 🙂
    I agree with Morgan, ‘In N Out’ is delicious!
    Enjoy Califa!!!!
    What kinda of photoshoot are you shooting there?

  5. running along the santa monica/venice beach bike path is good just head to the ocean and you will see it for sure. also if you head to the rose bowl in pasadena there is a great 3mile loop that you can circle around and there are always lots of people working out. i wish i could join you for a run but sunday im running the 13.1 LA series Half Marathon in venice.

    enjoy your time in LA. here are some other super awesome spots i love. – neighborhood- LOS FELIZ – neighborhood – DOWNTOWN LA – neighborhood – Santa Monica and LA – all around LA

  6. Tuesday was a morning where I could find nothing to wear. There were clothes all over the bed. I finally just had to put something on and leave so I couldn’t change clothes anymore.

    Have a great trip in L.A!

  7. I’m not from L.A. but definitely stop at In N Out – so yummy! Double-double animal style! If you are down by SM pier there’s nice shopping at 3rd Street Promenade (and a Fred Segal if you are/were a fan of Clueless). And I would definitely swing by the pier, regardless, especially near sunset. Of course, I got engaged there at sunset so I may be biased. Have fun!

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