Let Training Season Begin!

Good morning!

As I mentioned briefly in yesterday’s post, I’m registered for a race! Until last week, I only had one race scheduled for 2011: The Colon Cancer 15K in Central Park.

I basically signed up for that race so I could still do something in lieu of not getting into the NYC 1/2 Marathon, which is the weekend before.

But then everyone (well, almost everyone in the blogging world, that is) started registering for a race the same weekend I was planning to run the 15K.

They were registering for the National Marathon and National 1/2 Marathon in D.C.

Sign me up, too!

For a while I debated what to do. I didn’t want to blow off the Colon Cancer race, but I’d much rather do a 1/2 Marathon, especially with a huge group of fabulous people.

Then Ashley Tweeted that she needed a roommate for that weekend in D.C. I was sold.

I emailed her and said I was in.

Now I’m so excited because it’s officially Training Season!

I have two goals for the 1/2 Marathon this March:

  1. Train and race injury free.
  2. Run a sub-2 hour race.

To be honest, I haven’t figured out exactly how I want to train. My mileage is fine. Yesterday I ran 10.6 miles and I’m comfortable getting in short and long runs during the week. I do plan to decrease the number of days per week I ran. Lately it’s been 5–7 days a week, and I’m going to scale that back to 4–5 days in order to prevent the knee pain that I’ve been terrified of lately.

I know that in order to run a good time, I need to do some speedwork training. But I don’t like treadmill running and I don’t have a Garmin or running watch to tell me my speed.

Naturally I’m seeking advice here.

TELL ME: When training for a race, do you come up with a speedwork plan? How do you stay motivated to stick with it? I love distance running but I think I might have a hard time pushing myself to maintain a speed plan.

In other news, have you entered my Billy Elliot ticket giveaway yet? I’m going to be drawing two winners this afternoon, so get your entry in now! Good luck!

Have a great day!



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  1. I have run one half marathon and didn’t do any speedwork. I am running the manhattan half and have done limited speedwork because I think it’s a miracle if I actually go outside to run, never mind whether I throw in a tempo run. However, I’m also registered for the National Half, and I am definitely going to do speedwork because I haven’t done a sub 2hr race yet, but I know it’s in me 🙂

  2. I wasn’t super dedicated to my speed workouts, but when I was doing them, I found that using the treadmill (and the TV on the treadmill) helped break it up. Basically, I would sprint during the commercials haha

  3. I think I might be one of the laziest half-marathon runners ever. I never incorporate speedwork =/ For my first half marathon I honestly had no idea about speed work and I wasn’t really worried about. Crossing the finish line under 2 hrs was my goal for that, which I met, yay. My 2nd half had speed work built into it, and then school took over my life and training was life on the side of the road in a ditch some where. I came in over 2hrs. boo.

    I’m training for my 3rd half right now and speed work is built in, but i’m nursing this stupid hip and I’m trying not to push to hard. Maybe one day I’ll stop making excuses and just do some speed work.

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