Billy Elliot Ticket Giveaway!

We’ll get to that in a minute, OK?

First, let’s catch up.

This weekend was a busy one filled with travel, presents and running. A brief breakdown:

On Friday night, ABS and a dozen or so of our friends went to the rodeo. We had a blast watching the bull riders at Madison Square Garden.

Saturday morning we were up early — too early — to head to New Jersey. My mom’s sister (my aunt) lives in Somers Point, which is about 20 minutes from Atlantic City. We’re a bit behind, but the whole extended family was gathering to celebrate Christmas and do our Yankee Swap.

Before going to my aunt’s house, I made a work-related pit stop at a dance event. It was happening right where the train gets in, so I couldn’t resist stopping by and saying hi to a few of my favorite people.

Ahem. Mia Michaels. What up?

After spending about an hour and a half at the event — poor ABS was a little traumatized — it was onto my aunt’s.

My aunt’s house is right on the bay. It’s huge, it’s beautiful, and when she decorates it for the holiday it’s truly stunning.

She likes snowmen. A lot.

Also, New Jersey got a ton of snow on Saturday! Proof:

I put myself in charge of announcing the rules for the Yankee Swap (since no one can ever remember them).

I ended up with some cute popcorn bowls and ABS snagged a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc, a wine stopper and wine glass markers. Not bad!

As for the gift we purchased?

A Shake Weight.

Yup. And it was a hit. My aunt even traded for it because she wanted it! Naturally everyone wanted to try it out.

We spent the rest of the day eating lots of food, playing Catchphrase (always a ton of fun with this group) and giggling over YouTube videos.

This YouTube video, to be more specific.

Though our trip was brief, it was so nice spending time with the family. I only see my little cousins once a year — twice this year! — and they’re so cute it hurts.

We rose early again this morning in order to catch our train back to NYC. But no trip to New Jersey is complete without a walk on the boardwalk.

Yeah. It was a little different from when I was there last.

August trip to Ocean City:

January trip to Ocean City:

I had packed my running gear in hopes of an early-morning boardwalk run (my favorite thing to do when I visit in the summer), but it was way too cold this morning. Plus, my body wanted the extra sleep.

However, when my mom and I ventured onto the beach (everyone else stayed in their warm rooms while the two of us walked around), we did see one brave, inspiring soul:

(I’m kind of obsessed with this photo, by the way.)

Still, it was cold.

After eating some breakfast and saying our goodbyes, my parents drove ABS and I to Atlantic City to get back on the train.

I couldn’t get that runner out of my head, so after an uneventful train ride, I got back to our apartment and slipped right into my running gear.

First I thought I’d run 3 easy miles along the East River.

Then I thought hey, now that I’m registered for a race (!!!) I should really get used to longer weekend runs.

So I talked myself into 6.4 miles in Central Park.

That turned into 7 miles.

But I felt good. Really good. Despite the freezing cold.

So I ended up settling at 10.6 miles. I maintained a less-than-9-minute-mile pace (that’s as specific I can get without an official tracking device) and I was psyched.

I didn’t even let myself thaw out before getting back to the apartment, grabbing my debit card and running to the closest Modell’s.

Now, this little baby is all mine:

Isn’t she pretty? We’re going to be best friends.

Some rolling, a long shower and some soup and a grilled cheese sandwich later, I’m cozied up in my favorite robe, waiting for ABS to finish watching football so we can watch Mad Men.

Alright. Want to talk about the title for this post?

That’s right. My first giveaway! And I think it’s a pretty good one.

Here’s the deal: I’ve got four tickets to see Billy Elliot on Broadway. Billy Elliot is a Tony Award-winning musical with a score by Elton John. The children in the show are incredibly talented and you’ll laugh and cry (guaranteed). I loved the show when I saw it, and I want a lucky reader to enjoy the same experience.

The catch: The show is on Tuesday at 7 pm. So it’s short notice. But it’s worth canceling whatever plans you’ve already got going on. The show is awesome.

I’m giving away a total of four tickets. So TWO readers will each win a pair.

How to enter:

  1. Follow Ali on the Run on Twitter (@AliOnTheRun1). Then leave a comment here letting me know you’re a new follower.
  2. If you already follow me or you don’t have a Twitter account, leave a comment on this post telling me why you want to see the show.

More details: As I mentioned, the tickets are for this Tuesday, January 11, at 7 pm. The show is currently playing at the Imperial Theatre (249 W. 45th Street) in NYC.

Oh, and they’re good seats.

I’ll be picking two winners tomorrow at 4 pm, so that the winners have time to arrange to get their tickets from me. So this is a quickie! Spread the word!

Good luck!



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  1. Hey Ali- I don’t have twitter, but I follow your blog! I would love the tickets because my mom and I have been dying to see that show! I’m leaving to teach English abroad in Feb so this would be a great family experience for both my mom and I before I go away for the next 5 months 🙂

  2. i don’t have twitter but i am a fan of your blog! i’ve love to win the tickets because my plans of seeing a broadway show fell through when the snowstorm shut down nj transit last week. hopefully the weather will cooperate this tuesday!

  3. I would love to win tickets because Bo already went to see it with his mom when she was in town. If I win the tickets I’ll definitely make it a girl’s night!

  4. That picture with you and the snow and the beach in the ocean is totally tripping me out! Like Whoa! I’ve never seen anything like that before! That is insane!

    Great job on your 10miler!

  5. Already a Twitter follower. 🙂

    Seeing Billy Elliot has been on my NYC bucket list forever! I was going to see it when I visited London three years ago, but tickets turned out to be too expensive. I’ve heard such great things about the movie as well and really want to see the show first. I saw a lot of shows when I was in college and could get student tickets; now I pretty much only get to go when my dad’s in town and he springs for something he’s interested in seeing.

  6. As you know I already follow you on twitter. I’ve lived in NYC for nearly 11 years and have only been to 5 shows (pathetic I know). I have heard so many good things about this play/story line (I didn’t see the movie or read the book) that I’d love to see this one. Going to see a show is something I only ever do when I have visitors in town.

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  7. Great run! I’m so impressed. I love long runs, but I always schedule them, so I can mentally prepare. It’s so nice when you get the feeling that you can just keep running. Run, Ali, run!

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