It’s Rodeo Day!

I feel like I’m running behind this morning.

Alarm went off at 5:30 this morning.

I got out of bed at 6:0something.

I wanted to run my 6.4 mile loop in Central Park.

I only had time for 4 miles along the East River.

I wanted my stomach to chill out.

My stomach wanted to give me Hell.

But, it’s Friday! And it’s snowing! And tonight is one of my favorite nights of the year. So how can I possibly be cranky?

This evening, when all of my work is done, I’ll join ABS and a dozen or so of our closest friends (well, not true, some of them are strangers) to saddle up (not true either, we won’t actually be saddling up on anything) at the rodeo.

Last year we went to the rodeo and It. Was. Awesome. We kind of went on a whim. It was happening at Madison Square Garden and we joked about going.

Then we bought tickets, and we had the best time ever.

The rodeo is kind of a crazy event. These wild dudes hop on psychotic, angry bulls and willingly get flung around. It’s thrilling to watch. Then, in between the bull riding events, they have kid competitions.

That’s right. Little, tiny, pint-sized kids.

They suit up in full-on padded outfits and helmets and hop on board a sheep.

Yup. A sheep.

Whichever kid stays on the sheep the longest wins.

And that is why I’m so excited for the rodeo tonight.

Have a great day, everyone! Enjoy the snow if you’re in the northeast! And if you’re not in the northeast, enjoy not having to deal with snow!

TELL ME: What is your favorite “non-you” event? Normally I opt for Broadway shows, the ballet and the occasional live concert. But the rodeo is cool.



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  1. I would have never guessed they would have it there! The Rodeo here in Houston is such a big deal! We went to our first one last year and it’s crazy. It’s about 2 weeks of events/bands almost every night. The mitten(?) runs with the kids are really cute.

  2. Well, I think that people that don’t really know me would be surprised that I’m a huge country girl at heart. In school I drove a jacked up truck and wore boots & wranglers. I love going to the woods and riding around, or going to the mudhole and ridin’ in the mud trucks.

    I LOVE the rodeo! I haven’t been in several years, my husband is not a huge fan, but I think it’s awesome. My cousins’ husband used to ride bulls professionally but he was injured pretty severly and I’m pretty sure she made him retire. My little cousins also used to ride the sheep in between the bull riders. So cute!

    Have fun tonight! Oh, there is a county here in Florida that takes a day off from school and it’s called, “Rodeo Day.” I think when I was in school it was more then one day, but I just looked it up and it’s now 1 day..

  3. The rodeo sounds hysterical and intense. Have fun! I love all sorts of live entertainment, but I think people would be most surprised to find out that I was once a punk rockin’ teenager, crowd surfing in dive bars to Brand New, Taking Back Sunday…

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