No Knee Pain!

I am proud to report that after giving myself a running rest day yesterday — in addition to the loads of foam rolling I’ve been doing lately — I ran 4 miles this morning without any pain!

Usually I don’t feel much pain anyway during the run. It’s when I stop running that the aches set in. And getting truly injured is my biggest fear.

Not today, though! I felt great the whole time.

I also kept a steady 8:30 pace, which I was thrilled with. I don’t wear a running watch or track my pace. I simply note what time I start running and what time I stop, then I do the math. So it’s more of an estimate really, but I’m happy with it.

For some reason (New Year’s Resolutions?) there were lots of people out running this morning, despite the blustery winds and 32 degree temperature. Oh, and the dark. Maybe everyone just wanted to see this…

Confession: I didn’t actually take that photo this morning. It’s from a few weeks ago. But every morning looks pretty much the same.

I felt really happy when I got back from my run. Ready to tackle the day, which will include:

  • Work, work, work
  • A mid-day escape to Bed Bath & Beyond. I need to pick up two Yankee Swap gifts for our extended family Christmas celebration in New Jersey this weekend. Any fun/cute/cheap/genius ideas? I have one thing in mind but haven’t found a second light bulb idea yet.
  • A big gym decision. Not as dramatic as it sounds. But yesterday I upgraded my Crunch membership so that I can attend any location in the city, rather than just the 38th Street location. Now I have so many classes to choose from! I am so excited to try out all the new features and meet new people and all the good stuff that comes with trying out something new (like being sore in new places, hehe).

DECIDE FOR ME: Spinning, BodyArt or a 90-minute Hot Power Yoga class? I’m leaning toward yoga. I’ll let you choose. I trust you!

Also, check out my new bling at the office:

If you’re thinking to yourself, “Is that a rhinestone-encrusted mouse?” then you are correct. That is exactly what it is.

I originally bought this as a gaudy gift for my darling grandmother, Honey (yes that’s what we call her), but found out that she uses WebTV which apparently doesn’t require a mouse.

Bada-bing-bada-awesome. Gift for myself!

I feel very fancy.

Off to embrace the world of productivity. Have a great day, friends!



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  1. That really is a gorgeous sunrise to start your day. I hope you’re ending it with yoga 😉 It’s the perfect combo, in my opinion! Have a great night!

  2. Haha, I love the mouse! Super cute!

    Go for hot yoga… just because I really want to try it, but there are no classes near me. Do it for me. 😉

  3. I took the day off from running because I’m sick, so I hope my body will love me back for it and allow me to run tomorrow.

    Go for the hot yoga, but I’m probably saying that because that’s what I want to do right now.

  4. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA that mouse! Hilarious. You are too funny. Is it annoying on your hands when you use it?

    What time do you start your run? Right now I am injured, but when I wasn’t I found the East River path scary with so few people in the morning. Curious what time you see all the people.

    I went to Refine this morning. You should do a morning with me! I like it so much!

    Awesome about your gym membership! It really is too bad there is no Crunch on the UES though. I used to belong to the one on 59th and 2nd and I enjoyed Terrell’s Urban Rebounding class. What I did not like about that gym was that it was entirely in a basement, with no windows or natural ventilation. They have an awesome cafe though with great juice and mashed sweet potatoes.

    Definitely go to yoga tonight.

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