A Look Back at 2010

How the heck am I supposed to sum up what has been perhaps the best year of my life?

In three words, this year was marked by running, moving, and blogging.

But there were so many other wonderful things that happened. Here’s a month-to-month breakdown of the events that made 2010 so special for me.

In January, I…

…went to the rodeo at Madison Square Garden. ABS, his friend and I had the best night ever. Little kids riding sheep? You have to see it to believe it. We loved it so much that we’re going back in January 2011.

…covered “So You Think You Can Dance” auditions in Brooklyn. My job has some cool perks. There I am with Nigel Lythgoe, Mia Michaels and Adam Shankman.

In February, I…

…visited my alma mater, Quinnipiac University, for alumni weekend with some of my best friends. We had a blast re-visiting our favorite campus hot spots.

…became obsessed with the Vancouver Winter Olympics. ABS and I watched as many events as possible. I was so inspired watching these incredible athletes achieve such immense feats. Shaun White’s gold medal-winning snowboard jump run was insane.

…celebrated Valentine’s Day with ABS at Malatesta Trattoria. It’s an adorable Italian restaurant in the West Village. I had such a good time that I got a bit tipsy and broke a plate. The staff didn’t mind. It was also ABS and my first V-Day together!

…took ABS to Balthazar for his decadent birthday dinner. He takes me out so often, and I loved finally taking him out for a fancy (delicious) meal. We both loved the atmosphere, the food and, of course, the company.

In March, I…

ran the NYC 1/2 Marathon! I broke my previous 13.1 mile record by 7 minutes, finishing in 2:00:03. So close to breaking that 2-hour mark! The NYC 1/2 is officially my favorite race. The weather was perfect, the course was breathtaking (running through Times Square = incredible) and I felt fantastic the entire time.

…attended the first of many 2010 weddings. This one was in Long Island for two of ABS’s college friends. I also made new friends at this wedding.

In April, I…

…worked way too much and didn’t make much time for play. As a result, I…

…had the first of my two Crohn’s Disease flare-ups. I was sidelined from life in general for a while and was eventually put on steroids to get my body to calm down.

In May, I…

…went to my first Yankee game at the new stadium.

…celebrated my 25th birthday! I felt so loved the entire day. ABS took me to dinner at Buddakan. Easily the best meal I’ve had all year.

…visited Washington, D.C. I had never been and ABS and I had an amazing time. We stayed in an adorable boutique hotel, did tons of sightseeing and lots of shopping. It was so nice to get away, just the two of us.

…mourned the departure of “LOST” from television. Best show ever. The finale made me cry for days.

…spent a weekend with my parents in NYC. It’s very rare that they are able to get down to NYC to visit me, and I loved having them here!

…saw the “Glee” tour live at Radio City Music Hall. It’s my current favorite show and, thanks to the jobby job, I was able to see the concert when it came to NYC. I was screaming like a giddy little girl the entire time. No shame. The best part was chatting with the cast backstage afterward. I am spoiled.

…attended another wedding. This time for a coworker. I wore a repeat dress to save money. Go me!

In June, I…

…caught World Cup fever. ABS hosted a party at his apartment and we all had a blast watching the USA games.

…interviewed Sharon Osbourne for work. Very random. But she was super sweet.

…got my own office at work. It was amazing. You can’t put a price on privacy.

In July, I…

…traveled to Orlando for work. I spent July 4th at a hotel by myself, watching the fireworks over Epcot. But I also mustered up the courage to attend a theme park by myself. Those singles lines move fast at the parks!

got published on The Frisky. This is probably my proudest achievement of 2010. I was so happy to share my struggles with Crohn’s Disease with the masses and the response I got from this article was mind-blowing. I was so moved by the comments and support I received.

In August, I…

…ran Summer Streets. I covered more than 11 miles on the roads the city closed down for this annual event. I went from Columbus Circle, over to the Upper East Side, then all the way downtown, over the Brooklyn Bridge and back, and finally all the way back up to my apartment. It was so scenic that I hardly noticed how far I was running.

…celebrated one year of dating with ABS! We went to Tortilla Flats for dinner—the same place we went on our first date.

…went to another wedding. This time in New Hampshire, for one of my best friend’s from high school. It was my favorite “look” of the year—I loved my dress and my hair.

…took an actual vacation! My mom and I spent a full week with my aunt in Ocean City, NJ. We ran every morning on the boardwalk, spent every day laying on the beach, then relaxing every night. It was blissful—and affordable! ABS even joined us for the final two days we were there.

In September, I…

…went to the U.S. Open for the first time.

…took my first Zumba class. It was a free Lululemon class and I kind of hated it. I haven’t lost Zumba hope though—I just have to find the right class.

…celebrated my 3-year anniversary at work.

…went to Connecticut for my college best friend’s birthday. It was a wonderful day spent laying on the beach and tubing.

…spent a long weekend in NH with my parents. We apple picked at my happy place.

In October, I…

ran 13.3 miles—my longest run ever!

started my blog! I had been reading blogs for a few months and finally gained the courage to start my own. Blogging has introduced me to so many wonderful, like-minded people. I couldn’t be happier to have become a part of this motivational community.

…went to another wedding. This time for my friend’s mom. It was a stunning NYC event.

…took a life-changing trip to Utah. I got to travel there for work and I went by myself. I felt so independent and ended the trip feeling incredibly proud of the way I executed the events that I was in charge of. It was incredible seeing the way Utahans live. I also loved being surrounded by mountains.

moved in with ABS! So exciting! I love this apartment and I couldn’t be happier living with my wonderful boyfriend.

In November, I…

watched the NYC Marathon in awe. It was so inspiring. I have decided that I really want to run a full marathon in 2011. I’m in the lottery for NYC! Keep your fingers crossed for me.

…went to Mexico for the final wedding of the year. ABS and I spent three wonderful days away with two other couples. I got to know new people, got a tan and wore the same dress to the wedding as another girl. That was bad!

…got a surprise visit from my brother. He showed up in NYC. It was awesome.

took my first hot yoga class. And fell in love.

attended my first blogger event! Ashley hosted a brunch and I finally got to meet some of the inspirational young women I read about every day.

…went to Pennsylvania for Thanksgiving and ran my first-ever Turkey Trot—in costume! I ran at a pace that I’m very proud of (7:55 pace!) and had a blast with my family.

In December, I…

celebrated Hanukkah with ABS. We got a cute menorah for the apartment and I’m enjoying learning more about the Jewish traditions.

…got a well-deserved massage at Exhale Spa. It was amazing.

…hosted a housewarming party with ABS. This was one of my favorite nights of the year. Our apartment was filled with people we love. I was grinning all night long.

…took my first Refine Method class. I’ve since taken four classes! It’s a great way to balance out all the running.

spent Christmas in New Hampshire. It was relaxing and wonderful.

…took ABS to a Rangers vs. Devils hockey game. It was my first NHL experience!

Whew! I have loved almost every minute of 2010 and am so happy with where my life is right now. I can only wish for more of the same in 2011.

Now, a breakdown of my 2010 fitness achievements by the numbers. This year, I…

…ran 1,101.06 miles.

…took 75 spinning classes.

…took 2 hot yoga classes.

…took 17 BodyArt classes.

…took 15 TRX classes.

…took 17 abs classes.

…took 20 Chisel classes.

…took 8 Cardio Tai Box classes.

…took 5 Tesuto classes (even though I hate it).

…took 3 hip hop classes.

…took 3 rebounding classes (also hate it).

…took 5 Glee Club classes (yup, hate it!).

…plus 2 boot camp classes, 2 Zumba classes and 4 Refine Method classes.

TELL ME: How would you describe your 2010 in three words?

Happy New Year, everyone! Thank you for being a part of Ali on the Run. I love having you!



3 Responses

  1. NO FREAKIN’ WAY. You met the So You Think You Can Dance and Glee casts?!?!?! Holy cow!!! I am beyond jealous.

    Your list is fantastic, and I enjoyed catching up on the things that happened before I started reading.

    You’re going to have a great 2011.

  2. What a great year! Thank you for recapping it all!

    If I had to describe my year in three words it would be: struggles, strength and recovery

    Struggles- with my disordered eating
    Strength- for having the courage to recognize my problems
    Recovery- kicking my ED in the butt and work towards a healthier and happier me! 🙂

  3. So nice meeting you and taking Refine Method with you! I love that you know exactly how many workouts you did last year. I must do this in 2011!! You had a great year and your job sounds awesome. Can’t wait to take more classes with you!

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