My Return to Central Park

I was so excited to wake up in my own bed this morning and get back into my regular routine.

As regular as can be without the whole “going to work” thing.

I let myself sleep until 8 am, and then I hopped out of bed, excited to start the day.

While there are plenty of things on my To Do list today, the one I was most looking forward to was “Run.”

After doing some research on Twitter and Facebook, I came to the conclusion that Central Park finally seemed safe enough for running. Though I did wear my old running shoes since I don’t want my pretty new ones to get muddy just yet.

Well, I ran 7 miles, which I’m excited about.

It was hard, though.

It was tough because my legs felt heavy. It was tough because those hills never seem to get any easier. And it was really tough because the road conditions were so inconsistent.

Without further ado, my post-apocalyptic snowstorm photo tour of the Central Park running road:

The West Side is in GREAT condition. Mostly plowed, and the sun is melting away any remaining ice.
I didn't run the Reservoir loop, but there were lots of people up there and it looked pretty manageable.
The majority of the park looks like this.
This is the crossover at 102nd Street. Nice!

Everything looks clear, right?

Then you get to the East Side…

Messy, messy, messy.

The photo doesn't do much justice. The ground is ice.

My pace slooooowed on the East Side! I was dodging snow, ice, slush and tourists. No fun!

Overall, after today running in Central Park should be a breeze. The sun was strong and it seemed to be melting most of the ice patches that are still there.

Plus, there were kids everywhere having a blast. It was adorable.

The worst part of running wasn’t being in the park. It was getting to the park.

Slush and puddles (and snow mounds) everywhere!

I’m definitely glad I ran this morning. I had a healthy breakfast and I’m munching on some carrots now.

Slowly but surely my body is getting back to normal!

Still on tap for today:

  • Unpacking
  • Going to the bank to cash a check (only so I can write one, boo!)
  • Painting my nails
  • Grocery shopping
  • Making my dessert for tomorrow’s New Year’s Eve party
  • Taking a Refine Method class at 5:20
  • Dinner with ABS and two other couples
  • Playing Wii all night with ABS (this is not a joke)

Have a great day, everyone!

TELL ME: How do you re-adjust after being away and out of your routine? Any tips or tricks?



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  1. Be careful!!! It has been getting super cold where I am also… What is some of your favorite/must have running gear for the cold winter months?

    1. Hi Angela! When it gets cold, I wear Nike running tights on the bottom, and on top (depending on just how chilly it is) I go with layers: a dry-fit base layer like a Lululemon Cool Racerback tank for mild temps or a long-sleeved Nike cotton dry-fit or a Lululemon long-sleeved shirt. On top of that is my favorite thing ever: I swear by that jacket. Sometimes I’ll also add a puffy vest (Gap circa 1996) and a Nike hat. Summer running is so much easier!

  2. I always crave my normal routine after the holidays, but it’s still not easy to get used to getting up, getting out, and being productive. Great job on the run! I’ve been on the treadmill all week. I was hoping to get outside tomorrow, but I am not 100% sure because I will literally have to run in the street and 12 miles of cars splashing dirt and slush at me (while avoiding getting hit) seems more unappealing than the treadmill at this point. Have fun with the Wii!

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