Your 2010 In Review

I finally booked transportation from snowy New Hampshire to even-snowier NYC!

Tomorrow I’m taking an Amtrak train from Boston to Penn Station. Keep your fingers crossed that I don’t hit any travel snags like the rest of the east coast right now! Oy. At least I’ll have my laptop, some magazines I’ve been holding off on reading for this exact trip, plus lots to think about.

On that note…

Last December, my college girlfriends and I started what I hope will turn into a little e-mail tradition.

I emailed five of the girls with a whole list of questions that I hoped would bring up happy, life-changing, emotional responses regarding the previous year.

It worked.

Everyone told me they loved responding to the questions, and the e-mail chain got us all laughing, smiling and remembering good and bad times that 2009 had brought.

Now, as 2011 approaches, I sent that same e-mail back to the girls asking them to reflect on 2010.

I haven’t responded yet, and I’m also working on my own 2010 in Review post for the bloggy blog here.

But until that post goes up, why not think about your own year, eh?

Here are the questions I emailed to my best friends.

I’d love to hear some of your responses as well!

  1. Your 2010 in three words
  2. Your top 10 best moments/nights/events/etc. of 2010
  3. The best purchase you made in 2010
  4. The music that defined your year
  5. Your best kiss of 2010
  6. The night you felt the best/prettiest all year
  7. The best meal you ate in 2010
  8. The people you missed the most in 2010
  9. The best movie you saw all year
  10. The person you got to know the most in 2010
  11. The person you grew apart from the most in 2010
  12. The biggest risk you took in 2010
  13. The biggest change you made in 2010
  14. Your biggest accomplishment in 2010
  15. What you’re hoping for in 2011

Can’t wait to hear from you!

Next time you hear from me I’ll be back in NYC!

(Or blogging angrily from a stalled train. Hehe.)



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  1. I love your list of questions! I’ve been trying to figure out a way to wrap up the year, and I’m going to use this list of questions and answer them! Thanks Ali (PS, I’m giving you credit and linking back to you)!

  2. My biggest accomplishment of 2010 is graduating from college. It was just my AAS but it was more then I had previously…I just finished my first semester of BA…only 3 more to go:)

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