We Left the House!

Even before we got up and went to the gym today, my right arm was already so sore.

From playing so much Wii tennis.


The past four days have been spent doing this:

That’s my dad learning how to Wii wakeboard. He’s not so good at that one (I’m awesome), but he did kick my butt in Wii basketball.

Last night we gave the gaming system a break. My parents and I watched Going the Distance, which I loved. (Great soundtrack, too.) Justin Long and Drew Barrymore (they were dating when they filmed the movie) play a couple in a long-distance relationship. The movie was cute without being cheesy. Really well done.

But beware, viewers: the graphic phone sex scene isn’t really fun to watch with your parents, no matter how close you are.

Today, the snow had finally been cleared enough for us to leave the house!

No more cabin fever!

My mom and I were out the door by 8 am to hit up their local Planet Fitness. My dad was there, too, but he prefers to work out much earlier, so he was almost done his workout by the time we got there.

I used to go to this gym in high school and on college breaks. I must say, I would never work out if I had to drive 25 minutes to get to a treadmill!

As you all know, I’m no fan of the treadmill. I’d much rather run outside, do a group fitness class or find cardio in any other form.

But today, I suited up in my new Lululemon tank from ABS…

(Sorry for the blur, it’s a crappy iPhone photo.)

With my new outfit on, I was psyched to get to the gym, even if it did mean doing as many miles as possible on a boring machine.

As I’ve been grumbling about, I hadn’t worked out since two days before Christmas. I’ve been eating tons of crap, and normally I don’t mind indulging because I work out to balance it all.

But between the busy holidays and the snowstorm, my workout plans got totally derailed.

So today, I loved the treadmill, if only because it was my sole option.

I managed to run 6 miles on that machine, but I broke it up to avoid boredom.

The first 3 miles were done while watching Ellen on the gym TVs.

She cracks me up. I was “that girl” giggling while I was running.

Then I did some ab stuff, then went back to the treadmill for another mile.

Then leg machines, then back to the treadmill for another mile.

Lastly I did a whole lotta lifting — my poor, sore Wii arms were screaming in the best way possible — and finished out my workout with one final mile of running.

Ah. Sweat.

I can’t wait to get back to NYC to jump back into my regular routine. I enjoyed indulging a bit while on vacation, but my body is seeking normalcy again.

After the gym, my mom and I joined my dad for lunch at Veano’s, a cute Italian restaurant that used to be my favorite.

My dad has a habit of forgetting his glasses, so he had to wear my mom’s to look at the menu.

Hehe. So masculine!

After lunch, my mom and I drove to Tilton to do some outlet shopping! It’s one of our must-do activities when I’m home.

To be honest, the stores there aren’t that great — we really only go to Banana Republic, J.Crew and the BCBG Final Cut store.

Definitely scored some steals though, including a shirt that I’m going to wear to the rodeo at Madison Square Garden in January!

Now I’m back at the house and have to figure out how I’m getting back to NYC tomorrow! Yikes! I know I shouldn’t have waited to long to make travel plans, but with the storm, things got a bit crazy.

The plan for tonight is laundry, packing, my last home-cooked meal and lots of Wii-ing, of course.

TELL ME: What are your must-do activities when you go home to visit? My mom and I always go outlet shopping and usually try to do at least one workout together.



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  1. When I go home its usually to relax! When I go in the summer time we spend time at the cottage and go kayaking down the river! My dad meets us halfway by boat and brings lunch! Now I can’t wait to go back 🙂

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