Ali Claus is Comin’ to Town

All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go!

I made my list…

I checked it twice.

And then I stuffed everything into my suitcase.

Look at all those presents! Yay!

I am giddy with excitement about getting to New Hampshire tonight. I banged out a 4-mile run this morning (The wind almost knocked me into the East River, I swear!), vacuumed the apartment, cleaned the bathrooms, took out the trash and recycling and put away all the dishes.

I’m meeting ABS at Penn Station around noon and then we’re taking the Long Island Railroad out to Jamaica. From there we hop on the Air Train to the JetBlue terminal. It sounds like a hike, but it’s really easy — and incredibly cheap!

Our flight brings us to Boston (flights to NH are way too expensive) and my mom is picking us up at the airport. My parents’ house is only about an hour outside of Boston, but since we get in at 4:20 pm it’s safe to assume we’ll hit a buttload of traffic.

Here’s our agenda for while we’re in NH:

  • Tonight is tacos for dinner! Yum!
  • Tomorrow morning ABS and I are running last-minute errands with my dad (obviously he’s not done shopping)
  • Tomorrow afternoon my best friend Becky and her boyfriend are coming over
  • Tomorrow night — Christmas Eve! — my parents, ABS and I will go to the annual Christmas Eve party hosted by my parents’ friends (traditionnnnn, tradition!)
  • Then it’s Christmas! Which at our house means opening presents super early then spending the entire day watching movies and playing games in our PJs

OK, off to triple check the list then hit the road!

Safe travels to everyone this holiday season.

TELL ME: What are your most beloved holiday traditions?



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  1. hey ali! you said your parents house is 1 hour north of boston in NH. does that mean they are in the portsmouth area? im live in LA but will be visiting family in Newburyport MA (near portsmouth) are you looking for a running buddy at all while you are there? im a slower pace than you (around 9-10min per mile) im training for my first half and on saturday christmas day im going to run 11miles. let me know if you are interested or if you are staying longer in new england we could run next week.

    1. Hi! We are actually closer to Concord, so about 45 minutes from Portsmouth. Good for you for doing 11 miles on Christmas! That’s amazing. I haven’t run since I came home! Hope you’re enjoying NH!

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