Smiling’s My Favorite!

I have some extra pep in my step today.

Why, you ask?

I just have a few hours of work to get through today and then ABS and I are on a plane to New Hampshire for Christmas!

Well, we’ll be on a plane tomorrow. But it feels like it’s just hours away.

I’m so excited to have a few days up in NH to relax. I don’t even get cell phone service at my parents’ house. Technology-free bliss. (Though not entirely—I’ll still be blogging and Tweeting and all that good stuff when I can.)

This will be the second year ABS has made the trip up to spend the holidays with my family. Because he’s Jewish, our winter holidays don’t conflict. It’s a disagreement I see many couples facing — who to spend the holidays with? — and I’m happy it’s one fight we get to avoid.

While I’m home, I’ll also get to see my best friend (my real best friend — we’ve known each other since we were teeny tiny), Becky. She lives in Charlotte, NC, and it breaks my heart that we see each other once a year at most. She’ll be up with her boyfriend and we’re planning to spend Christmas Eve day together making our boyfriends watch old dance videos. Hehe.

Because the office is so quiet today (there are about six of us here), I was able to sleep in a bit before heading out for my run. I did four miles and I must say, this view never gets old:

My legs felt good and loose and I’m looking forward to hitting up the gym at some point today to make love to the foam roller again.

Seriously. I’m in love. Don’t judge.

Also, as I’ve mentioned before, one of my biggest concerns when I moved in with ABS nearly two months ago (Wow, how has it been that long?!) was that my commute would be brutal. I used to walk to work, and now I take a subway.

But how can I complain when I’ve got a killer view the whole time?

In other news, I love all of the sentimental (OK, sappy) Folger’s Coffee commercials. This morning I saw a new one — the brother returns home just in time for Christmas and his sister puts a bow on him (“You’re my present this year,” she tells him). Oh my gosh did I sob! I’m such a sap this time of year.

Off to tie up some loose ends at the office, pick up just a few more gifts, hit the gym then clean and pack!

Have a great day, friends!

TELL ME: What are you most excited for this holiday season?



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  1. Have a great time in NH!! I’m excited to give out gifts! I love buying presents for people so I am excited to see my friends and family open their gifts.

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