Ali the Elf

At my second dance recital, I did a tap dance to a song called “Ellie the Elf.”

Now the song is stuck in my head — Ellie the Elf, sittin’ on a shelf, full of mischief blah blahbitty blah… — but I’m singing Ali the Elf instead.

I am officially on vacation until January 3, 2011!

The office was quiet today, which gave me the opportunity to be productive. I left my desk clean and organized so that I’m not coming back to a mess of piles.

After work I did my very last NYC Christmas shopping trip. I can’t divulge much, but I picked up two things for ABS and one for mi madre.

I get so much more excited about giving than I do about receiving!

Yes, I know, receiving is nice, too. But this year I bought a few things that I’m really excited about showing off.

After my secret errand, I headed up to the gym for some lifting, some leg stuff, a lot of foam rolling, some stretching and 45 blissful minutes of spinning.

Matt’s spin class tonight was high energy and very difficult. He praised the brave few of us who are still in town and thanked us for attending.

Then he told us he was going to make it worth our while.

Oh. My. Sweat.

Seriously, I was dripping like 10 minutes into class. It was awesome. I’m so glad I went to class and by the time I left the gym my legs felt like jelly.

Now I’m back at the apartment with ABS and ready to start making pre-travel moves.

Things to accomplish before we leave tomorrow:

  • Vacuum apartment
  • Clean bathrooms
  • Re-paint nails (yup, already chipped, after two days)
  • Take out trash and recycling (ABS will do this one — I hate trash!)
  • Wash dishes
  • Pick up dry cleaning
  • Pack!

Totally manageable list, right?

We’re taking a 12:30 train to JFK airport tomorrow so I have all morning to do the things I don’t want to do tonight.

In other words, everything will happen tomorrow morning. Hehe.

TELL ME: Do you clean your home before you travel? I hate the thought of coming back to a dirty or dusty apartment!



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  1. My place has to be clean before I leave on vacation!! I even try to straighten up as much as possible before I leave for work in the morning, so I don’t come home to a mess.

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