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Alright Twitter, you win.

I’ve joined.

I’m Tweeting.

I held off on creating a personal Twitter account for a long time. Though I’m very familiar with Twitter because we use it all the time at work, I didn’t see a need to start Tweeting on my own.

But last night, I caved.

And though it’s only been a few hours, I’m pretty excited to further extend my social networking prowess. Blog? Check. Twitter? Check. Facebook page? Meh. Not there yet.

Anyway, I look forward to connecting with everyone and finding fun people to follow. I’ll be using Twitter to chat with people, find good deals around NYC and, of course, alert people when a new Ali on the Run post goes up.

So check me out @AliOnTheRun1.

Can you believe AliOnTheRun was already taken?! Sad face.

SHARE: Are you on Twitter? Let me know so I can follow you! And if you’ve got any Twitter words of wisdom, feel free to share!



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  1. Ahh twitter, it took me a while but I’m slowly getting there with it although the work place ban on cell phones makes me pretty to follow (but you should anyhow 😉 I’m @yepiatethat

  2. I’m @emmiemarieB !
    I was hesitant to join at first, too, but it really helped to publicize my blog…Tweeting helped me snag some swag to review on the blog, such as last week’s Chobani yogurt! 🙂

  3. Welcome to Twitter!!! 🙂 I’m addicted! 😉

    (I had the same problem with my twitter name too. singingrunner was already taken so I had to do singingrunner23 :()

  4. Oh, twitter. I’m “on” twitter. Although, I really don’t “get” it. I got an iphone over the weekend (Merry Christmas to me from My husband!) so, now I can tweet appropriately. Before I could only tweet at home, and let’s be honest, that’s boring. Plus, I never remember that I have a twitter account. If you care to follow me (i’m boring, so I dont blame you if you dont) my name is RunnJRun .

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