I Said Brrrrr, It’s Cold Out There!

I have today off from work and so far my day has involved only one thing: running.

I forced myself out of bed at 8:45 am. I feel guilty when I sleep in. Does anyone else get that? Like if I sleep too late, I feel like I’m wasting the day.


I ate some breakfast, did some crunches, stretched a bit and caught up on all of my favorite blogs.

Then I suited up and made my way to Central Park.

It was 25 degrees. Not too bad!

I ran 12.2 miles. Not too bad!

I’ll admit, the run wasn’t easy. My legs tightened up a few times and I stopped to stretch at the top of almost every hill I conquered. I don’t know what pace I stuck with, and I did stop at the lovely new Tavern on the Green bathrooms at one point.

Before I get my act together and head out for an afternoon of Christmas shopping, here’s my own little photo essay chronicling this morning’s run through Central Park. Enjoy!

This is where I enter the park: Right around 79th Street on the East Side, AKA the top of "Cat Hill"
The cat! He says, "Meow, run faster!"
The Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir. Pretty, just like Jackie O.
Hello, West Side. Hello, hills.
Stop, stretch, take a picture.
These trees will be covered in snow soon enough.
Blinding rays of sunshine!
I love, love, love the pretty fence around the Reservoir.
Looking up toward the Reservoir from the running path.
Hey Guggenheim. How YOU doin?
The former Tavern on the Green. Now it's a Visitor's Center and food truck stop.

TELL ME: Where do you love to run and why?



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  1. I love to run in Downtown Jacksonville. It isn’t (to0) busy and running along the St. John’s River is lovely!

    I also love running the Mall in DC! 🙂 Running by all the monuments is so cool! I’m hoping to do it next week!

  2. Beautiful pictures! I’ll take your 25 degrees and no snow over the -5 (that’s “negative” 5), snow, and ice I had this morning! I just ran 4 miles around the neighborhood I live in; that was all the cold my body could handle.

  3. I live in Astoria, Queens and love to run across the Queensboro Bridge…I’d heard that’s one of the toughest parts of the NYC marathon course, so I was a whiz at it by the time Race Day came along. 🙂 Love running to CP from there, but hate having to get through soooo many people on the UES.

    I also love to run through Astoria Park, which is along the East River.

  4. Wow! I have been to Central Park once last year and I only got to the zoo part. I had no idea it was this BIG!!

    My favorite place to run is the Lakeshore. It motivates me to run as I see other runners and the lake is so beautiful to look at. You just don’t see the mileage add up when you run in a nice place 🙂

  5. This was amazing. Beautiful pics and really cool to see everything. I’ve run in Central Park before but had no idea what was around. I would kill for a great path like that in walking distance. That’s great:)

    I really enjoy running routes I’ve never down before, really helps break monotony on long runs.

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